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Easy Zone Weight Loss

Looking for more information on Easy Zone Weight Loss. Would it help me lose weight, I wanted to know more on this topic?
(May 28, 2008)

Easy Zone Weight Loss 

Are you referring to Zone diet? It helps in the achievement of balance in the hormonal status. A balanced diet in the easy zone comprises of 40 per cent of carbohydrates, 30 per cent proteins and 30 per cent fat. Certain foods that affect the secretion of the hormone insulin is seen to be present in the diet. Individuals interested in shedding those extra pounds and those with cardiovascular problems are benefitted from the diet.

It is a low carbohydrate plan. More energy is obtained by the individual from carbohydrates. A check on the calorie consumption is kept.

An ideal snack is the one that provides around 100 calories, whereas an ideal meal is the one that provides 500 calories. Energy levels are enhanced and mental clarity improves when an individual is on zone diet. The proportion of body fat, age and gender are important in considering the zone diet for every individual. General health is also better when on zone diet. Compulsive eating and hunger pangs are reduced by this diet.  Eicosanoids and glucagon are also controlled by this diet. Glucagon is essential for physical and mental performance and helps in the release of the stored carbohydrate. Eicosanoids regulates inflammation.

Submitted by E L on May 28, 2008 at 06:25


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