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Easy Weight Loss Tips For Teens

Hello there. Please offer some Easy Weight Loss Tips For Teens? I am really need to lose some weight.
(May 28, 2008)

Easy Weight Loss Tips For Teens 

Teens face the problem of improper eating pattern. Skipping meals is one of the primary problems with teens. This fails to help in weight loss, and in turn increase the appetite by the end of the day. This results in increase in weight. The basal metabolic rate is calculated by multiplying the body weight in ponds with 15 and added to the product of moderate activity with 3.5.

Choosing the right foods is vital.

Avoid carbonated beverages, especially with junk foods, such as pizzas, burgers and French fries. Pizzas are made nutritious by preparation at home with more jalapenos, bell peppers, olives, less cheese and mushrooms. Counting calories is helpful. Avoid eating bout and try limiting the intake when doing so. About 4 to 5 small meals are recommended in limiting the appetite. Fresh foods are better preferred, rather than preserved foods. Home cooked foods are better.

Reading the food labels is an essential part of weight loss. The content of cholesterol, Trans fats, sodium and others are looked for. Sugary drinks are not opted for. Fresh fruit juices devoid of sugar are helpful. Go in for fruits, rather than their juices, to derive maximum benefit of fibre in them.

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