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Average Calories Burned At Gym

The types of exercises that you can engage in, at the gym may range between aerobic exercises or cardio exercises like walking, jogging, running, cycling and skipping, to anaerobic exercises, such as lifting weights, rowing, pull ups, crunches, sit ups and so on. Burning calories in the gym depends entirely on the type of exercise you engage in. Contrary to what many people believe, you can burn a much higher number of calories by practicing aerobic exercises. Cardio exercises increase your heartbeat rate, which in turn makes your body burn more calories. While anaerobic exercises are excellent for building muscle mass and toning up the body, they cannot help you lose weight, as you are hardly burning any calories through them. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight and tone up at the same time, it is best for you to include both cardio exercises as well as anaerobic exercises into your workout routine.

Many women believe that there is a direct correlation between their calories burned and curves. However, it is important to remember that burning calories will help you lose weight all over the body, giving you an overall slimmer appearance. In case you want to develop curves in the right places, it is best for you to join a gym and work on the muscles that need to be toned up.

Calories Burned At Gymnastics

There are several moves in gymnastics that are fairly difficult to perform and exercise the body quite well. However, studies indicate that the calories burned at gymnastics are usually lower than some of the higher intensity cardio exercises. An average person who weighs 150 pounds can burn between 250 and 280 calories an hour, with the help of gymnastics. Certain gymnastics moves, such as the back handsprings can be very useful for building muscles.

Calories Burned Through Pushups

Pushups are regularly performed by most gym-goers, especially those who are into weight training and are trying to increase their muscle mass, strength and endurance. While engaging in pushups, you exercise your triceps, the pectoral muscles and the entire midsection, along with several other muscles. However, while pushups are great for flattening the muscles and toning up your body, they will not help you lose a lot of weight on their own. Studies show that an average person who weighs 150 pounds can lose around 250 calories performing pushups for half an hour at a stretch. With the amount of pressure that pushups apply on to the muscles, most individuals find it very difficult to practice this form of exercise for more than 15 minutes or so.

More Facts On Calories And Exercises

It is absolutely essential for you to engage in at least some form of exercise on a daily basis. This is because exercising has a positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing. If you are on the heavier side, you can also lose a lot of weight by exercising on a regular basis. Any form of physical activity helps in burning calories and fat, which in turn results in weight loss. Do bear in mind that the number of calories burned exercising depends on several different factors, like the type of exercise you engage in, the intensity of the workout session and the duration for which you perform that activity. Some of the other factors that could also influence the number of calories your body burns include your age, body weight, level of physical fitness as well as your metabolism. Therefore, two people could burn a different amount of calories, in spite of performing the same physical exercise, for the same duration, with the same intensity. In case you like to keep a track of the calories you burned while exercising, you are definitely not alone. Most people think it is important to know exactly how many calories they have lost after working out for a particular period of time; this enables them to plan their daily average calorie intake accordingly.

It may be a bit of a challenge for you to know exactly how many calories you burn, after walking or cycling in the park, for an hour or so. This is why many people prefer to use a treadmill or a stationary bike at the gym. Most of these machines have an inbuilt counter that calculates the amount of weight you have lost after a session. These counters also usually take your body weight and workout intensity into account, before giving you an estimate of the calories you burned at the gym. However, do bear in mind that these counters are not 100% accurate. This could cause you to believe that the total calories burnt in the gym by you are actually more than what you have really burned. In fact, most calorie counters are off by at least 10%, if not more. Therefore, if you want to know how many calories you burnt at the gym, it is best for you to consult a fitness expert.
Submitted on January 16, 2014