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Flatbread Calories

Calculating your calorie intake plays a significant role in any weight loss plan as they are the primary building blocks of the storage of fat cells in the body. The calories in the food you consume are burned by the body to generate the energy required to perform your daily activities. However, if your daily average calorie intake is substantially higher than the amount of calories your body actually requires, your body will convert and store the excess amounts as fat cells – leading to obesity. Chapattis are a common Indian flatbread and although there are several different types, they are generally created with the use of salt, water and flour.

As with any type of food, the amount of calories contained in a single Indian flatbread will largely depend on the individual quantities of the ingredients used in its creation.
Moreover, since there is no specific or standard size for the Indian flatbread, the number of calories in each serving will depend on each specimen’s specific size. If we take into account the 2005 USDA guidelines which stipulate that a single cup of flour should be used to create 5 of these Indian flatbread, the number of kilocalories in each chapatti when using whole wheat flour stands at around 86.68 with 0.44 grams of fat. If the Indian flatbread is made with the use of oil, butter or any other type of fat the calories of fat ratio goes all the way up to 73.5 or more depending on the amount of fat that has been added. As a result, the healthier versions of this food product involve making the Indian bread using whole grains and not refined flour. While the problem of obesity has been a long standing one, it is only in the last few decades that it has been brought into sharp focus and people have woken up to the many dangers of the condition that is now considered a pandemic in a number of countries across the world. Obesity brings with it a number of lifestyle complications and hardships that are not only limited to aesthetic appearance, but also deterioration in effectiveness of movement, lethargy, a significant dip in self esteem as well as an overall feeling of malaise. It is no wonder then, that a number of people all over the world make a conscious effort on a daily basis to keep a check on their diet and reduce their calorie intake.


Submitted on January 16, 2014