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Low Carb Recipes 

Low carbohydrate recipes are recommended for obesity, diabetes mellitus and other complications. South beach diet, Zone diet and Atkin’s diet are some of the low carbohydrate diets that are prescribed for weight loss. Adherence to any of these diets requires care and constant monitoring by professionals. Knowledge of low carb diet recipes help in easy access to the same.

Certain low carbohydrate recipes are easy to prepare at home. Hard boiled eggs or deviled eggs, cheese sticks, cheddar cheese with dill pickles, cottage cheese and berries, cottage cheese and nuts, celery and tuna salad, berries and sugar free yoghurt, apple and cheese, cream cheese and salmon on cucumber, celery with peanut butter, low sugar turkey, sunflower seeds, mushroom with cheese spread, lettuce rolls with tuna or egg, flax seed meal with cottage cheese, spinach dip and lettuce, pepperoni chips, flax seed meal and Ricotta cheese are a few of them.

These low carb diet recipes are easy to make.  

Animal foods like oysters and mussels are a good source of carbohydrates. Their intake is restricted. Opt for lamb and chicken. Tuna, trout, herring, sole and salmon are some of the fishes that prove helpful in low carb recipes. Boiled, poached and deviled eggs are included. Cheese forms an essential part of most meal times, as they have fewer amounts of carbohydrates. Spices and condiments that have added sugar are avoided. Salad garnishes such as grated cheese, sour cream, sautéed mushrooms and minced hard boiled egg prove helpful in enhancing the flavor of salads. Olive oil and fish oil are preferred. Fish oil provides omega 3 fatty acids. Saturated and Trans fats are not recommended, due to the increased health hazards. Veal, lamb, pork and beef are some of the meats suggested. Goose, duck, quail and pheasants are some of the fowls included.

Free foods are good options while following a low carb diet recipe. Free foods are those that constitute five grams of carbohydrates or less. The maximum contribution of calories is around twenty calories from hundred grams of the foodstuff. Some of the free foods that are included are beans, raspberries, celery, turnips, strawberries, avocado, pepper, spinach, okra and so on.

Meat cooked by barbequing is helpful, as the extra fat is removed, in addition to the flavor. Salads are helpful as a part of low carb diets.  Preparation of salads is easy and quick. Vegetables recommended for a low carb diet are fennel, cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, parsley, Bok Choy, lettuce, chicory, chives, pepper, radish, mushroom and celery. About two to three cups of these vegetables are consumed. Some other vegetables have a higher level of carbohydrate in them, thereby usage of a single cup is allowed. They are Brussels sprouts, pumpkin, artichoke, bamboo shoots, cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli, spinach, onion, tomato, turnips, bean sprouts, beet greens, dandelion, cauliflower and water chestnuts.

Submitted on January 16, 2014