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Christmas Chocolate

Christmas chocolate cake and fruit cake is something which is looked forward to by everyone. Apart from the cakes the chocolates are an important part of Christmas sweets and are sent around as gifts and also as something to sweet to eat at celebration time. The flavor of chocolate was discovered in 1492 and not only is it delicious it is also a healthy food which has many advantages. Cocoa beans were brought back by Columbus from America and were the beginning of a never ending growth and discovery in the food and beverage industry. The original drink was bitter and was later sweetened to suit the taste buds of the Europeans.
However, the Spanish had kept this business undercover for a long time before the rest of the world came to know about it and now it is one of the largest trades in the world with the Swiss making the best chocolates in the world both Christmas chocolate which is for the season and other brands of chocolates too.

Chocolate production during Christmas season reaches unimaginable levels as the demand is great for entertainment at homes and also to give away as gifts. Every company is going out of their way to make special Christmas chocolate and out do each other in the various varieties and flavors of chocolates during this period. Chocolates during Christmas time are a must and shops are loaded with hundreds of varieties for people to choose from. Different brands from various parts of the globe are available and people buy their favorite kinds.

Christmas chocolate gifts

Baskets containing Christmas chocolate as gifts are specially made during this festive season. The decorations on the baskets are also especially for Christmas time and are done up with stars, reindeer and Santa Claus figures. Most baskets have an assortment of chocolates, cakes, candy and fruits. The flavors are exotic and so are the shapes of the chocolates. These gift wrapped baskets come in various shapes and sizes and you can buy them at most shops during Christmas season. The baskets could also be made to order with what ever customized varieties the customer asks for.
A great way to look for all that is available in the market and choose from the lot is to search online for all the Christmas chocolate gifts. One can even order the gifts you have selected online and get them home delivered. This makes it much easier to shop as you need not step out of your home to get all the gifts you need. These chocolate baskets will be delivered to the person you want to gift it to if your give the details to the shop. Most people would be extremely thrilled to receive a basket full of chocolates and goodies. These companies also deliver flowers and cakes to the doorstep to any part of the world. So sending a gift is just a click away during any festive season or even otherwise. You can make some one feel special this way.

Chocolates make an ideal gift at any time and most people feel happy to receive them as gifts. This is a favorite with both children and adults and people can safely give chocolates as gifts and be sure that they will be well received.

Chocolates come in dark, flavored and white varieties and even in sugarless ones for those who are not permitted to eat sugar. There are chocolates whish have alcohol filled in them and those with nuts and soft centers which have a fruit flavor. This means there is something for everyone in the family and the basket can be enjoyed by one and all. An after dinner chocolate could be filled with liqueur and would make a perfect sweet for someone who wants just a bit and not a plate full of a dessert.

Some shops even offer the option of special wrappers for chocolates you pick so that it is personalized and the receiver feels extra special. Sending them directly from an online store gives the receiver a real surprise as it is delivered to their door step.

Some of the packing and boxes are unique and many people save them up to use them as jewelry boxes or to put their trinkets into. This is specially so with girls and women who are also sentimental about receiving gifts and would like to retain the outer wrappings or boxes for sentimental reasons too. So if the Christmas chocolate comes in a special box then it is all the more appreciated.

Christmas chocolate recipes

Most chefs have their own special Christmas chocolate recipes which they would not like to share with anyone.  This could be because it is a trade secret and has to be guarded carefully. However, there are scores of Christmas chocolate recipes available on the internet and even family recipes which have been handed down for generations with their own specialty included. There is nothing like grandma’s recipes for most cooking and chocolate is another one of these.  Chocolate being an important part of Christmas celebrations it is fun to sit as a family and make your own special chocolates. The home made variety is also a lot healthier as the ingredients that go into the making of this chocolate is carefully chosen.
It is a known fact that dark chocolate is good for health and adding this to the home made chocolate at Christmas time makes it even better. Dark chocolate has antioxidants and is good for the heart and also a stress buster.  Making your own chocolates at home is also a lot more economical and you can make the shapes which appeal to you and also use the fillings of your choice. The packing and paper is another thing which can be a personal choice and you can make your own signature brand this way. The consistency may take a while to perfect, but if you are a chocolate enthusiast you will soon be able to master this.
Submitted on January 16, 2014