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Power-Diet Step

A Figure Supreme – A Body That’s Lean

For overall well-being in both men and women, strength training is essential as it helps in skeletal health, muscle strengthening and weight control. After the age of 35 men and women lose muscle pound @ 1/3rd to ½ pound a year. Strength-training exercises using light hand-held weights while walking increased skeletal muscle mass by 1.5kgs and bone mineral density by 1%. All these mean that your muscles become more defined, shapely and stronger. You will have better-balance, greater joint flexibility and will feel more energetic.

What is Power Diet-Step?

It is a simple combination of walking (aerobic exercise) for 20mins with handheld weights (strength-training).
You have to walk with 1or 2 pounds of weights held in each hand. They come either with straps that goes around the back of your hand or they are fitted with grooves to grip your fingers. So this Power-Diet-Step Walking Workout Plan if followed only 2-3 times a week has multiple benefits. It sculpts and molds your body, makes you look and feel great, lowers your B.P and strengthens your heart. But consult your physician before you begin.

Boost Energy – People who have reached plateau period, can burn fat by walking with handheld weights. Begin with 1 pound of cushioned weights with either straps or grooves. After 4-6 weeks graduate to 2pound cushioned weights. This exercise can burn 25% more calories, and the build up of lean mass burns another 50cal/hour per 1pound of muscle. This improves balance and stability.

You don’t have to do separate aerobic and strength training exercises at different times on different days. Walking with weights only 2-3 days a week develop cardiovascular fitness, permanent weight-loss and a trim, firm figure. It is also beneficial for osteoporosis.
Submitted on January 16, 2014