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Walking Plan and Weight Loss

Walking increases your ability to extract Oxygen from the air. It actually increases the total volume of blood, helps to carry oxygen and nutrition to the tissues and removes Carbon dioxide and waste products from the body cells.

20Minute Diet-Step Walking Plan –

To complete the Diet-Step Walking Plan, 20mins of walking everyday except Sundays is all that you need. Walking can be outdoors or indoors on the treadmill or stationary bike. It will provide you with loads of energy, good health and more cardiovascular fitness. This 20mins walk daily for 6 days a week will decrease your appetite and burn extra calories needed to lose weight.
This walking also provides fuel that promotes energy levels throughout the day.

When you first start your walking program, maintain an erect posture, contract your abdominal muscles to strengthen your abs, and select a level terrain for the walk so that you are not stressed or strained. Walk with your shoulders relaxed and your arms in a relatively low position. And for maximum efficiency walk at a brisk pace 3-3.5mph. Rest for sometime whenever you feel tired and then resume walking. To ensure regularity and consistency it is better to walk at a specific time everyday. Lunchtime would be ideal because it combines both calorie burning and calorie reduction.

First week walk for only 5mins everyday, and then every week increase the duration by 5mins, until you have attained 20mins everyday. With this program you will have lots of energy, a feeling of peace and relaxation, better nights sleep, improved breathing and a trim figure.
Submitted on October 18, 2013