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Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorder treatment encompasses a variety of procedures. Eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating affect an individual’s physical and mental health. Frequent worrying over weight gain is substituted by proper dietary regimen and exercise. Fanatical attitudes about food and physical image can also cause eating disorder, though low self respect is identified to be the primordial cause. Depriving the body of food at the required time, self induced vomiting or eating less are typical features of a person suffering from eating disorder.
Intervention relies upon the cooperation rendered by the patient and the physician. A multifaceted treatment schedule or therapy proves beneficial. A psychotherapist, physician and dietitians constitute the squad of experts required.  

Psychotherapy comprising of individual therapy is helpful, wherein an interpersonal relationship is established by the psychotherapist with the individual. All problems, such as lack of self confidence, low self respect, depression, negative body image and anxiety are addressed. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy highlights on the past of the individual. Interpersonal therapy is opted for dealing with troubled relationships. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used for focusing the correlation between thoughts and feelings. Individual counseling technique also helps.

Eating disorders can be treated by support group, in the form of cooperative friends. Support groups enable individual’s visit at a convenient time on a regular basis. Experienced people showcase these support groups and not professionals. They are either past cases of eating disorder or had a close entity suffer from the same. Online support is also available. This involves, the exchange of problems through mails ad queries in relevant sites.

Family therapy is another technique, wherein a close entity of the individual suffering from eating disorder, supports in the form of incentive and encouragement. Success of this technique, lies in the hands of the family member. Group therapy is a concept, wherein many individuals who suffer from this disorder get together to help each other for a specific period of time. Unattended eating disorders are harmful and life threatening. When healthy eating is concentrated upon, resulting in a proper weight gain, physical health is treated. Antidepressants, are regularly used in addition to other medications. But, the patient requires the psychotherapy treatment for a wholesome cure.

Nutrition consultant plays a vital role, as improvising the diet helps in hastening recovery. The myth and fears regarding food is identified. Nutrition education is one more important tool in understanding and rectifying this disorder. Alternative treatment goes hand in hand with the medical and psychological intervention, though it is not considered as the initial or crucial treatment process. It includes aromatherapy, homeopathy, naturopathy, meditation and acupuncture.
Submitted on January 16, 2014