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balanced diet menu

  • Calories In Prunes
    Prunes are dried plums and are very popular with most people mainly due to their sweet flavor.  Very few people who enjoy eating prunes actually give thought to the number of calories in prunes. Prunes have a sticky texture, and provide its consumers with a number of nutritional and health[...]

  • Complete Sunday Meal Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    Sunday Lunch Menu, Ideas In today’s world, most of us lead hectic lives, due to our professional, academic or household demands.  As such, many of us do not even have the opportunity to grab a proper and wholesome meal. Hence, fast food, takeaway dinners and instant meals[...]

  • Healthy Diet Plan
    Diet Food Plan: Hi, I am nelly, 20yrs I want to lead a healthy life. Can u suggest me any Diet Food Plan. Please revert with any help.[...]

  • How To Increase Height | Tips, Methods,Ways | Increase Height Naturally
    How To Increase Height - One of the most effective ways to increase height is to perform a few anaerobic exercises. There are several promotional sites that offer dubious methods to increase height.[...]

  • Nutrition While on a Diet
    Diet nutrition: I need a list of diet foods or foods to eat while I am on a diet. I am trying to stay on a 1500 cal diet a day. Thank you.[...]

  • Calories In Bell Peppers
    Make your salads colorful and bright by adding chopped bell peppers of different colors. They come in yellow, green, orange, purple and red, and each colored bell pepper has its own unique taste and flavor. For instance, red bell peppers, which are nothing but fully ripe green bell peppers can[...]

  • 1800 Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan for Healthy Living
    The diet of an individual determines many important factors associated with the health of the individual. The diet determines what quality and combination of nutrients enter the individual’s body. With this being the case, it is easy to understand that the diet plays a crucial role in the[...]

  • Tomatoes can be useful for digestion and improving the fiber content in the GM diet
    Fifth day of General Motors Diet: Can I take any other fruit like peach or any other vegetable as substitute for tomatoes on fifth day of GM diet?GM diet or General Motor's diet is essential for detoxification of your body and for reduction of the weight. It[...]

  • Facts and Benefits of Amino Acid Supplements
    Amino Acid Supplements Amino acid supplements are usually prescribed as powders, capsules or pills which have a different blend of the ingredients which contain amino acids. The supplements are essential while a person is on a diet and trying to loose weight. Some of the slimming aids which accelerate the[...]

  • Weight Loss the healthy Way
    Fda Approved Weight Loss: I heard of Fda Approved Weight Loss. Does anyone have any more details?[...]

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