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balanced diet menu

  • Is Diabetes Hereditary | Type 1 Diabetes In Children | Is Hypoglycemia Hereditary
    Is type one diabetes hereditary research by the American diabetes association shows that an individual whose mother suffers from type 1 diabetes, there is an increased risk in the child also developing the same condition.[...]

  • Healthy Food List for Combating Thyroid Problems
    Thyroid Diet MenuA thyroid diet plan is essential in managing the problems associated with the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a tiny butterfly shaped gland in the human body but it plays a very important role. It is responsible for the body’s energy levels, the body&rsquo[...]

  • Family Meal Planning - Essential Daily Chore Cooking
    Family Meal Plan Family meal planning is an essential concept in every home that eases the daily chore of meal planning and cooking. Certain foods are preferred by all the members of the family. Prepare in increased quantities and store them in the refrigerator, to facilitate availability. Planning is[...]

  • Gluten Free Diet: Guidelines and Food Options
    Gluten Free Diet A gluten free diet is recommended for people suffering from celiac disease. Celiac disease is a disease that damages an individual’s small intestines. An allergic reaction to gluten is seen in the tissues that line the small intestines. The gluten damages the small intestine&rsquo[...]

  • Indian Cuisine Diet Tips | Indian Drinks For Weight Loss, Pregnancy
    Healthy Indian foods are foods like roasted meats or kebabs with less butter or cream, yogurt-based salads or raitas and whole wheat bread like chapattis.[...]

  • Balanced Diet Guidelines for Preparing Foods
    Balanced Diet Charts and Balanced Diet Tips for Health Preparing a daily diet chart will depend on various parameters like your height, weight, sex, lifestyle, level of physical activity, present or past medical history and likes and preferences. A balanced healthy diet focuses on the improvement of your health and[...]

  • Can Vitamins Make You Gain Weight | Vitamins That Help You Gain Weight
    Can Vitamins Make You Gain Weight -Calorie intake causes weight gain. As there is no calorie intake there is no weight gain due to prenatal vitamins[...]

  • Peachy Apricot Slush Recipe
    Healthy Apricot Slush With Peach Ingredients Ingredients: 1 medium fresh peach, peeled and pitted, sliced vertically 2 ounce apricot nectar cup carbonated water tablespoon lemon juice cup crushed ice cubes Orange peels, curls Raspberries Apricot Slush Cooking Method Combine the sliced peach, apricot nectar, lemon or lime juice and crushed[...]

  • Importance and Benefits of a Balanced Diet
    Importance Of Balanced DietThe human diet has evolved over the centuries and is now a complicated mix of various ingredients. With the increase in fast food and junk food availability, more people tend to suffer from diet related health conditions. In addition to the fact that these foods are easily[...]

  • 1200 Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan for Healthy Living
    The best diet plans are those that allow a person a good selection of nutritious and low fat foods. Studies indicate the best way to meet your weight loss target is not by starving yourself, but by eating 25% lesser calories than you normally would. It is important that you[...]

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