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1800 calorie diet menu

  • Kids Vegetarian Diet
    About 1300 calories are required by a 4 year child. Some children require slightly more and this is determined by the activity, height and weight of t[...]

  • Gallbladder Stones Diet | Gallbladder Stones Symptoms & Treatment
    Gallbladder stones diet - The most common gallbladder stones symptoms include pain in the chest or abdomen and indigestion because of the reduction in the quantity of bile available for digestion.[...]

  • Recommended Daily Diet Plan for Men and Women
    Daily Diet Menu People all around the world are usually concerned about their weight. Today, everyone wants to be the perfect size not only for aesthetic purposes but for health reasons as well. The best weight that a person should be is called the optimum weight. An optimum weight can[...]

  • 1000 Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan for Healthy Living
    The 1000 calorie vegetarian meal plan is one of diet plans that are very popular with both men and women who are keen on losing weight as this diet tends to emphasize the restriction on the intake of calories. Before going on the 1000 calorie vegan meal plan or any[...]

  • Balanced Diet Food Chart | Weight Loss Food Chart | Healthy Diet Food
    A diet food chart is particularly beneficial for individuals on a weight loss diet. A weight loss food chart recommends the standard measure for consumption of foods from within each food group[...]

  • Optimum Diet Meal Plans for Diabetic People
    Diabetic Diet Meal Plan In diabetes, the body cannot use the insulin produced or cannot produce insulin altogether. This function prohibits the body from processing the sugar it consumes. Therefore people who have diabetes need to manage their sugar largely through what they eat. In some cases the patients also[...]

  • 1200 Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan for Healthy Living
    The best diet plans are those that allow a person a good selection of nutritious and low fat foods. Studies indicate the best way to meet your weight loss target is not by starving yourself, but by eating 25% lesser calories than you normally would. It is important that you[...]

  • Foods to Eat and Avoid for Sedentary Lifestyle
    Diet For Sedentary Lifestyle As we know, most of us live sedentary lives owing to the nature of our work that demands that we spend most of our time sitting at a desk. Despite knowing the fact that a sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits are the main causes of[...]

  • Healthy Diet for Children | Tips On Healthy Eating Habits In Child
    Children in the age group of 2 to 3 years need about 1000 calories a day. Food therapy for children deals with helping young babies with problem in mealtime issues.[...]

  • 1400 Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan for Healthy Living
    A 1400 calorie vegetable meal plan helps most active people lose weight and inactive people maintain a weight that is healthy. A 1400 calorie vegetarian meal plan for women is the same as that for men, and if followed consistently, offers a number of health benefits. If you plan going[...]

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