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  • Energy Boosting Diets | Boosting Energy Levels | Increasing Energy Levels
    Energy Boosting Diets: There are a variety of foods that should be a part of the diet as they help in boosting energy levels. A lack of adequate iron in the diet is responsible for low energy levels.[...]

  • Foods for Hot Flashes | Treatment for Hot Flashes | Hot Flashes Diet
    Hot flashes are treated with hormone controlling medication. A link between the food and drink consumption and hot flashes exists. It has been understood that drinks containing caffeine are likely to increase the chances of suffering hot flashes as well a[...]

  • Carbonated Soda - Facts and Effects on Daily Consumption in Meals
    Soda With MealsIf you’re planning to lose weight, a strict diet along with a regular exercise routine is a must. The principle of losing weight is to consume less calories than you are able to burn. If you want to maintain your weight, it is alright if you[...]

  • Treatment of Dehydration | Symptoms of Dehydration | Preventing Dehydration
    To stay healthy we need to ensure that we drink a lot of fluids everyday. Water therefore plays a very important role in our body’s functioning. We need to, on an average, drink six to eight cups of water or fluid everyday.[...]

  • Spiced Fruit Tea With Healthy Tea Herb Benefits
    Spicy Fruit Tea With Juicy Flavors Spiced Fruit Tea Ingredients: 2 cups orange juice or you many substitute equal amounts of orange peach mango juice 2 cups black tea, brewed ˝ tablespoon crystallized ginger, chopped 3 inch cinnamon sticks, broken into few pieces Cinnamon sticks for garnish Method: Take a square[...]

  • Fertility Diet For Infertility Treatment
    Fertility Diet And Factors Which Affect FertilityFertility diet helps to increase the chances of conception. A number of factors that affect fertility, in addition to diet are stress, anxiety, obesity, low sperm count, hormonal disturbances and environmental contaminants. Endocrine disruptors are certain pollutants from the surrounding that affect the fertility[...]

  • Blood Pressure Heart Rate | Relationship Between Heart Rate And Blood Pressure
    Blood Pressure Heart Rate - The difference between heart rate and blood pressure may be clearly understood by knowing the definition of both blood pressure[...]

  • Slimming Supplements to Increase Muscle Mass
    Slimming Supplements Slimming supplements are those that aid in weight loss. They are available in multitude forms in the market. Hundreds of them are available, thought the right one for you is the question! Slimming supplements function as appetite suppressants and increase in muscle mass. They also decrease the[...]

  • Benefits of Healthy Hypertonic Sports Drinks
    Benefits of Healthy Sports DrinksSport drinks or healthy drinks are a big market of non-alcoholic drinks. These are drinks that claim to have additives by way of additional minerals and electrolytes. These drinks are targeted towards sports persons, athletes and exercise fiends. But today energy drinks are popular drinks[...]

  • Daily Uses and Side Effects of Caffeine on Teenagers
    Caffeine and TeenagersCaffeine stimulates the central nervous system and people become more alert and energetic with caffeine consumption, thus it is classified as a drug. It occurs naturally in coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa and cola nuts. There are many other foods and beverages besides coffee that provide substantial amounts[...]

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