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  • Playing Golf with Cart for Burning Calories
    Calories Burnt Playing GolfGolf is one of the most popular sports across the world, enjoyed by people of all ages. Not a lot of people think about the calories burned golfing, mainly because it is not usually regarded as a fast-paced activity. However, the calories burned in golf can[...]

  • Carbohydrates From Alcohol | Does Alcohol Contain Carbohydrates
    alcohol and carbohydrates - Alcohol does contain carbohydrates but in lesser amounts. Other low carbohydrate alcohol drinks include Tequila, Brandy, Bourbon, and Cognac among others.[...]

  • Diabetic Diet Plan Advice
    Type I Diabetes Diet: How is Type I Diabetes Diet helpful to me?[...]

  • 13 Diet Tips to Satisfy Your Appetite by Pausing Between Each Meal
    Great Diet Tips Each and every meal should be eaten slowly. Take smaller bites and chew for a long period. Pause between each section of meal.When you have finished your first portion but are still hungry, then wait for at-least 15 minutes to see whether you are really[...]

  • Healthy Diet for Diabetics | Dr Bernstein Diabetes Diet Information
    Bernstein Diabetes Diet-The Bernstein Diabetes Diet incorporates consumption of low calorie foods, intake of vitamin and mineral supplements, education and behavior modification.[...]

  • Aloe Vera - Recommended for Teeth Health and Gum Pain
    Everyone knows the great healing effect that aloe vera has on cuts, bruises, infections, and even burns. Recently, periodontal experts have started acknowledging it as beneficial for our teeth and gums as well. The soothing property of aloe vera has made it a popular skin ointment and it is being[...]

  • Calories in Juices and Juices for Diabetes
    Benefits of Juices and Fresh Fruit Juices for Diabetes Fresh fruits and fruit juices do not cause diabetes. In fact no food causes diabetes per say if eaten in recommended amounts. If you have diabetes you need to eat certain foods in restricted amounts or avoid certain foods completely. But[...]

  • GM Diet Aims At Weight Loss Of 10 To 17 Pounds Per Week | GM Diet Vegetarian
    GM diet - The GM diet plan turned out to be a phenomenal success with a burgeoning reputation all over the world. The GM diet plan is a seven day diet plan that is specific about the kinds of foods you eat during each day with a target to lose about[...]

  • Foods Containing Uric Acid | Diet Items Rich & High In Purines
    Uric acid rich foods (that contain purines) are red meat, organ meat, green leafy vegetables, beans, pulses. To reduce the level, orange juice is recommended as it is purine free.[...]

  • Health Benefits Of Carbohydrates In The Body
    Daily Requirement And Health Benefits Of Carbohydrates What are the benefits of carbohydrates and what is the amount of carbohydrates in drinks. How much carbohydrate is desired on daily basis if one doesn't want to gain any weight? Carbohydrates are an important source of energy for the body and[...]

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