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weight management

  • Milk And Weight Loss Diet Plan
    Skimmed Milk And Losing Weight Is milk healthy if I am on a weight reduction spree? What amount of fat exists (in percentage) in 200 ml milk. Can skimmed or toned milk be taken? Over the last decade milk has fallen from grace and garnered a reputation for causing fat[...]

  • Tomato for Diabetes - Nutrients and Intake
    Tomato For DiabetesThe tomato is the fruit of the plant Lycopersicon esculentum. It can also be classified as a berry as it forms from a single ovary. There are thousands of different kinds of tomatoes which vary in shape, size and color. From the small cherry tomatoes to the pear[...]

  • Benefits and Effects of High and Low Carbohydrate Diet
    Carbohydrate DietA carbohydrate diet is one that is highly beneficial for the smooth running of the various vital organs in the body as well as the bodily functions. Glucose that is obtained during the metabolism of carbohydrates by the digestive enzymes is the most preferred source of fuel and energy[...]

  • Greek, Frozen and Low Fat Yogurt for Diabetics
    Yogurt for DiabetesYogurt is made by adding live bacteria to cultured milk. In the U.S. the bacteria L. bulgaricus and S. thermophilus must be added to milk to be called yogurt. Yogurt manufacturers may add other strains of bacteria to their products. The bacteria convert milk sugar lactose to[...]

  • Treating Panic Disorder With Herbal Treatments For Panic Attacks
    Treat Anxiety Disorders With Treatment for Panic Attacks The exact causes of panic attacks are not very clear and hence treatment differs from individual to individual. Different types of therapy including medication and relaxation techniques greatly help in bringing about a calming effect over the mind and body. However, it[...]

  • Curing Diabetes by Diet and Exercise
    Diabetes Diet and Exercise: Explain advantages of Diabetes Diet and Exercise?[...]

  • Calculating BMI With BMI Measuring Formulae | Make Your Own BMI Chart
    How To Calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) - Easy Formula To Calculate Your BMI On Your Own Body Mass Index or BMI is a method of calculating whether you are overweight or underweight. Developed by a Belgian statistician named Adolphe Quelet, it is also called the Quelet index. It is an[...]

  • Crookneck Summer Squash | Recipes | Squash Ingredients
    Crookneck Summer Squash No. of Servings: 1 Preparation time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes Squash Ingredients: Crookneck summer squash, sliced cup Margarine or low fat butter tablespoon Preparing Crookneck Squash: Add water to a large saucepan and place on medium heat. Add the slices of crookneck summer squash and[...]

  • Fructose, Candy, Chocolates In Diabetes Mellitus Patients Meal Plan
    Sugar free chocolates as well as chocolates that are specially designed for diabetics that are easily available today. Dark chocolate and type 2 diabetes are known to be a beneficial combination[...]

  • Scotch and Atkin Weight Loss Diet Program
    Low Carb Diet Menu with Atkin Diet Dr Atkin Diet Food List and Recommendations Atkins diet is basically low carbohydrate dieting and the focus is mainly laid on fats and proteins. For this reason it is very important to count the total carbohydrate intake in the day. Counting carbohydrate in[...]

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