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weight management

  • Weight and Obesity Management Techniques
    Weight Management: Obesity An ideal body weight is most conducive to good health. This ideal body weight varies for each individual. It is up to every individual to take the initiative to ensure that his or her body weight does not vary more than 2 kilograms of the ideal body[...]

  • Physical Effects Of Diet And Psychological Mental Health
    Healthy Diet And Physical Effects of Fasting on Health What are the effects of diet physically and psychologically? It is unclear what you mean exactly when you ask about the effects of diet. If you mean to ask whether you are dieting in terms of eating less in an attempt[...]

  • Low Fat Dieting with GM Weight Loss Diet
    General Motors Weight Loss Diet Weight gain is a big concern for hypothyroid patients and many seek weight loss diets to get rid of the excess weight but to no avail. This is because most fad diets and general diet plans are not formulated specifically for patients of hypothyroidism, but[...]

  • Diet and Exercise Plan for Weight Loss | Diet Tips For Weight Loss
    Advice on weight loss - These are a few useful tips to lose weight. Along with these, it is a good idea to consult your dietician and physical trainer for healthy weight reduction methods.[...]

  • Nutrition in Banana - Uses for Treating Ailments
    The banana is a fruit that comes from an herbaceous plant. The name banana is given to what is actually the soft type of fruit which grows in most tropical countries. The soft fruit has a thick skin and is sweet and of squishy consistency. Bananas easily oxidize when unpeeled[...]

  • Overcome Calcium deficiency: Calcium in Orange, Fruits for Knees
    Calcium deficiency can be overcome by fruits intake. Joint and knees become weak, if calcium is deficient. Fruits like orange, banana, guava, etc.[...]

  • Healthy Diet for Diabetics | Dr Bernstein Diabetes Diet Information
    Bernstein Diabetes Diet-The Bernstein Diabetes Diet incorporates consumption of low calorie foods, intake of vitamin and mineral supplements, education and behavior modification.[...]

  • Information and Essential Minerals for Diabetes Treatment
    Mineral For DiabetesDiabetes mellitus is the physical ailment that sets in once the body starts building up a resistance to the insulin generated by the pancreas. This results in the sugars flooding the bloodstream as they cannot be absorbed into the tissues of the body. With the onset of diabetes[...]

  • Advice on 5 Factor Diet | 5 Factor Diet Foods | 5 Factor Diet Recipes
    5 factor diet is based on the principle that one should consume as many as 5 meals over the course of the day. The 5 factor diet plan is very effective and it depends on how largely dedicated you are to your goals.[...]

  • Tips for Weight Loss with Diary Food Diet
    How To Keep Food Diary - Tips For Weight Loss Food DiaryWhy keep a food diary: Keeping a food diary can be very effective in many ways. It can help you keep track of how much you are eating. It is especially useful for those who are trying to lose weight[...]

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