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  • Treating High Triglycerides and Diabetes
    Information on Triglycerides and Triglyceride Reduction First of all, a lot of care is essential, as the complications are too many. Information regarding the exact levels is not available. High cholesterol and triglyceride levels indicate the presence of hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia. High cholesterol is a result of poor eating habits[...]

  • List of Saturated Fat Foods | Effects of Saturated Fat | Saturated Fat Health Risks
    Fats are divided into different categories based on their composition. Saturated fat is one classification of fats and it is the consumption of this type of fat that increases an individual’s cholesterol level. Saturated fat should only be limited to 10% of your total calories. The following foods[...]

  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract | Tribulus Terrestris For Body Building | Tribulus Terrestris Side Effects
    Tribulus terrestris - Tribulus terrestris refers to a herb that has been used in countries like China and India in order to cure disorders that are related to male sexuality.[...]

  • Blackberries - Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts and Calorie Value
    Blackberries Health BenefitsThe blackberry fruit is actually made up of several smaller fruits known as drupes. A drupe consists of a fleshy external portion around a seed. Blackberries can be of two types, erect and trailing. Erect blackberries have self-supporting canes which are firm and arching, while trailing blackberries[...]

  • Herbal Properties of Gymnema Sylvestre Herb and Side Effects
    Gymnema SylvestreGymnema sylvestre plant is used as a natural treatment for patients suffering from diabetes. Gymnemic acid is the active ingredient of this herb and is extracted from the roots and leaves of this plant. The shape of gymnemic molecule is unique and similar to that of glucose, thus helps[...]

  • Chicken: Facts, Nutrients, Vitamins, Proteins and Health Benefits
    ChickenChicken or Gallus domesticus is one of the most preferred, nutritious and tasty part of a meal. Broiled, poached, grilled chicken and roasted chicken are the various varieties. It is a good source of protein and can be had in lieu with red meat. Around 68% of the daily value[...]

  • How Many Calories are Present in One Serving of Eggplant
    Calories in Eggplant The eggplant also known as aubergine, purple pear, or guinea squash derives its roots from the nightshade genus as do sweet peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. Its origins are from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Though called a fruit, it is actually a berry with a[...]

  • Calories and Nutrition Facts in Kidney Beans
    Calories in Kidney Beans The kidney shaped beans are used in a number of recipes. The red or light brown kidney beans are available in dried or canned varieties. The dried variety is favored more for cooking purposes over the canned variety. Kidney beans are also used in varied preparations[...]

  • Alfalfa Facts, Supplements and Health Benefits
    Alfalfa Alfalfa is a perennial herb that grows in variety of climate throughout the world and is promoted as a dietary supplement for human consumption in recent years. It was first discovered by the Arabs and is considered as a ‘Queen of forage plants’. Alfalfa is able to[...]

  • Red Clover: Facts, Medicinal Uses, and Health Benefits
    Red CloverRed Clover or Trifalium Pritanse is a popular treatment for menopausal symptom reduction, asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). This plant is largely found in Europe and North America. Red Clover is a legume which has been traditionally used to treat disorders such as pertussis, cancer[...]

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