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  • Protein Sources - Lima Beans Health Benefits
    Lima BeansLima beans are available in two main type’s potato lima or large lima beans and small or baby lima beans. They have a starchy butter like taste, so often they are even referred as butter beans. Fresh varieties of lima beans are available in summer and fall[...]

  • Calendula - Information, Health Benefits and Side Effects
    CalendulaCalendula commonly known as marigold is used for medical purposes since centuries. It is important to be clear that not all houseplants called marigold belong to the calendula family. Although native to Mediterranean calendula is an ornamental plant that is grown throughout the world now. Calendula has high amounts of[...]

  • Shrimp Diet - Proteins, Selenium, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D
    Shrimp protein dietAlthough small in size shrimps have a large appeal and a delicious crisp taste. It is one of the most popular sea foods, next to canned tuna in the United States and can be served steaming hot or cold. Frozen shrimps are available throughout the year. Shrimps are[...]

  • Sea Scallops Facts and Uses for Colon Cancer Prevention
    Sea ScallopsIndividuals that are particularly not found of fish or shell fish enjoy the soft delicate and sweet mild flavor of sea scallops. Fresh scallops are readily available from the months of October to March, however frozen scallops are available throughout the year. The tender white muscle present between the[...]

  • Cod - Side Effects, Nutritional and Health Benefits
    Cod  To grow reproduce and survive, cod needs cold deep artic waters. Cod is a cold water fish belonging to the same family (that is the Gadidae) of that of monkfish and haddock and has a mild flavor. It is available throughout the year and is used in variety[...]

  • Juices for Bilious Attacks and Blood Purification
    Bilious Attacks A failure to produce enough bile to digest the fats you have eaten. Cut down on all fats straight away. Do not drink alcohol.Take one of the following: Cucumber 4 fl oz (100ml); carrot 8 fl oz (225ml); beetroot 6 fl oz (175ml). Carrot 10 fl oz[...]

  • Carb Diet: Carbohydrates food for energy and weight control
    Carb Diet FoodCarbohydrates are the major part of energy source. The most commonly eaten carbohydrates in food are pasta, refined bread, baked potatoes, cereal and rice. Rice provides about 45 grams of carbohydrate per cup. Pulses such as kidney beans, black beans and pinto beans consist of 40 grams of[...]

  • High Protein Diet - Symptoms and Side Effects
    High protein diet side effectsProtein is an integral factor of any healthy diet, mainly because it is instrumental in the formation of the building blocks of your immune system, blood, muscles and other parts of your body. People who restrict their intake of fat and carbs for weight loss purposes[...]

  • Uric Acid and High Cholesterol Treatment for Diabetes
    Cholesterol Lowering Diet and Food Guide for DiabetesI am diagnosed with high levels of uric acid, cholesterol, kidney stone and diabetes is high by 30 points. What food veg and non-veg can I eat to bring these levels down? Please provide me information urgently.Your concerns are valid. However[...]

  • Salmon Health Benefits with Omega 3 Fatty Acids
    SalmonThere are various species of salmon, the characteristics and lifecycle vary according to the type of species. They are classified according to the ocean in which they are found. Salmons are great travelers and travel hundred of miles to return to their birth place to spawn and die. It is[...]

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