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kidney stones

  • Correlation Between Gallstones and Hair Loss
    Gallbladder And Hair LossGall bladder problems, such as gallstones are a common problem, affecting thousands of men and women across the United States. This condition has been known to trigger off many adverse side effects in the body, which could range from being mild to severe. This is probably why[...]

  • Diet for Bypass Surgery and Kidney Disease Nutrition
    Diet for Gastritis Bypass Surgery To plan a detailed diet chart a lot of detailed information is needed like your sex, height, weight, body frame, level of physical activity, other medical issues, past medical history, your choices, current diet and lifestyle pattern. Along with a heart problem you also seem[...]

  • Cholecystectomy: a Surgical Procedure to Remove Gallstones
    Cholecystectomy is the removal of gall bladder:What are the other procedures being done before considering cholecystectomy?Cholecystectomy is the removal of gall bladder. It is a surgical procedure, which is used to remove the gall bladder, during infection, presence of gall stones and so on. It is also referred[...]

  • Acid Alkaline Diet or Treatment for Acidic Stomach
    Acid Alkaline Diet For Treatment Of AcidosisAcidic Foods And Its Effect On Human Body Acidic vegetables and fruits include olives, corn, winter squash, amaranth, lentils, prunes, blueberries, plums, cranberries, currants and glazed fruits. Other foods that are acidic are wheat germ, barley, corn, oats, rice, rye, bread, spaghetti, barley, corn[...]

  • Lamb Health Benefits, Nutrition, Side Effects, Information And Facts
    Lamb Health BenefitsThe meat of a one year old or younger sheep is called Lamb. This red meat is widely popular all over the world, except however in the United States of America. The main cuts of lamb that are popular are shoulder, rack, shank or the breast, loin and[...]

  • Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetable Juices
    Juice Therapy Juice therapy is not a new medical system. It has been around for a few decades as juice therapy, while it has probably been around for generations before as simply good nutrition. Juice therapy follows a motto of ‘one disease – one solution’. The basis of[...]

  • Sorrel Health Benefits, Medicinal Properties, Side Effects & Hazards
    Sorrel Health BenefitsSorrel is a leafy green vegetable that looks a lot like spinach. This vegetable is native to Europe and is commonly known as spinach dock, sour grabs, or sour grass. One of the main ingredients in sorrel is oxalic acid, which gives it its acidity and prominent taste[...]

  • Nutritional Calories in Cooked Squash and Soup
    Introduction: The squash group includes spaghetti squash, butternut, acorn and pumpkin. These are all rich sources of carotene and if the color is darker then the nutrients are more concentrated too. These squashes are also a rich source of vitamin B6 B1, folic acid, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, potassium and[...]

  • Health Benefits, Facts and Nutritional Value of Cumin Seeds
    Health Benefits of Cumin SeedsCumin seeds belong to the same family as caraway seeds, parsley, chervil and dill. This biological family is known as Umbelliferae. Cumin seeds, integral to Indian and Middle Eastern food, are known for their piquant taste and for their health benefits.The taste is described as[...]

  • Cranberries to reduce the risk of Urinary Track Infections (UTI)
    CranberriesCranberry is a Native American berry which is very tart and bright red in color. It is a cousin of blueberry found growing wild as shrub, but on cultivation it grows on low trailing vines. Fresh berries are available at its peak with high nutrient content from October to December[...]

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