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diet for diabetes mellitus

  • GM, foods are genetically modified and may have long term risks
    Risk of General Motors (GM) food Diet: 5 risks of GM foods?[...]

  • Aerobic exercise acts as natural antioxidant to get rid of free radicals
    Antioxidants and Aerobic ExerciseAntioxidants are free radical scavengers, which help in the elimination of free radicals. Increase in free radicals is seen to be associated with stress, smoking, diet and alcohol. Vitamin A is an excellent antioxidant vitamin, which provides a good and smooth complexion. Vitamins C and E are[...]

  • Carrot Juice for Diabetes: Health Benefits for Sugar Patients
    Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which a person’s sugar levels in the blood are high. It can be caused due to the body producing less amounts of insulin or when the cells no longer respond to the insulin that is produced by the body. Diabetes (apart from[...]

  • Seafood Nutritional Value and Cardiovascular Benefits
    Fish and SeafoodSeafood is considered as a health food in the current century. The term fish is collectively used for fresh, salt water, shellfish and finfish. Fish is highly nutritious and contains good – quality protein, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. More and more people are turning towards seafood[...]

  • Vitamin D Health for Osteoporosis, psoriasis and bone disorders
    Vitamin D Health Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) is also known as a sunlight vitamin because it can be synthesized under the human skin when it is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D actually refers to a group of steroid molecules and is derived from a steroid. There are two forms of[...]

  • Cholesterol Information and Diet to Reduce Cholesterol
    Cholesterol Lowering Diet and Foods with Low ldl A lot of care is essential, as your husband has an ancestry of cardiac diseases. High cholesterol levels are a result of improper eating habits, incidence of diseases, such as renal failure, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism and liver diseases also result in high[...]

  • Essential Nutrients & Vitamins in Whole Grain Foods
    Whole Grain FoodsWhole grain foods are those that comprise of a variety of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals. These encompass all the products manufactured with the bran and germ intact. Whole grains, whole wheat bread or muffins, bulgar, brown rice, wheat germ, popcorn, couscous, oatmeal and puffed[...]

  • Low Carb Diet Recipes for obesity, diabetes and weight loss
    Low Carb Recipes Low carbohydrate recipes are recommended for obesity, diabetes mellitus and other complications. South beach diet, Zone diet and Atkin’s diet are some of the low carbohydrate diets that are prescribed for weight loss. Adherence to any of these diets requires care and constant monitoring[...]

  • Atkins Diet Plan | Atkin Diet Foods List | Atkins Diet Advantages
    Atkins Diet - The Atkins diet plan is an eating regimen that encourages weight loss in a natural manner. The diet is well-known and followed by many individuals across the globe.[...]

  • Gestational Diabetes and Information On Heredity and Diabetes
    Gestational Diabetes Information and Gestation Diabetes Effects Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders that affect your blood glucose levels in the body. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes which happens mostly during the last trimester of pregnancy. A pregnant woman who has high blood sugar levels during pregnancy[...]

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