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Need For A Holistic Approach

It is difficult to analyze and differentiate between the cause and the effects of Fibromyalgia, because there are many contributing factors that are co-related. There may be overall poor performance and pain because of the contribution of each of the factors, in an additive manner. When tests show that all the individual parameters are within the normal range, the additive relationship may not be noticed. This effect can be visualized as a spiral staircase with each step leading either up or down. They can be classified into “vicious cycles” or “precious cycle” depending on whether the factor is improving or degrading.

Foods And Diet For Fibromyalgia

The response to the food that we eat differs from person to person.

Some fair better with a high protein diet and some with carbohydrate diet. It is important to differentiate the protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios of our diet. Diet for fibromyalgia is beneficial because it is easy to find out which food ratio is best suited for us. It also keeps us away from the currently popular trend of unhealthy eating. And for people who wish to acquire some guidance on proper food ratios that suits them best, a self-scored question format is made available.


For Fibromyalgia sufferers, supplementation is a little critical as compared to many of us.


For improving flexibility and strength, detailed exercise program are also available.

Stress Management

A syndrome in some patients, where the psychological processes play an important role in the illness is called a psychosomatic syndrome. The psychological and biological contributions differ a lot among these syndrome, as well as among individuals with the same syndrome. A group of psychosomatic syndromes or their incomplete or different manifestations and low sensation cause somatoform disorders.

But the data was insufficient to differentiate majorly between rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, and was incapable of supporting the psychopathology model and explaining the symptoms of Primary Fibromyalgia syndrome. Among fibromyalgia patients, only in a few psychological factors were deleted. In structured pain, instruction-copying strategies have been found beneficial in the treatment of Fibromyalgia. To combat pain and depression daily, Fibromyalgia sufferers need their family support, which will prove a great advantage. On the other hand sexual abuse and other traumatic events are not specific factors in causing FM. But they are associated with number and severity of the symptoms, and are co-related.


Fibromyalgia is a medical condition that causes the individual to suffer from long periods of pain in the joints and muscles of the body. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition; this means that a patient suffering from the condition will suffer from the condition for long periods of time. The pain felt by an individual who suffers from fibromyalgia may be so intense that it makes it impossible for the individual to move or perform any physical tasks. One confusing thing about fibromyalgia is the fact that there is no obvious inflammation in the body when the condition occurs. Therefore, this is not an inflammatory condition. 


At the moment, research continues to be conducted into the various causes of fibromyalgia. The underlying cause behind fibromyalgia has not yet been understood. There is evidence that the problem of fibromyalgia is linked to the nervous system. In this sense, it is less permanently harmful than conditions like arthritis or other inflammatory conditions. This is because fibromyalgia does not cause any damage to organs or joints of the body. While it does produce extreme pain, fibromyalgia does not actually change the structure of the joint in any way. 


Fibromyalgia symptoms, as explained above, include generalized pain, specific pain in joints, tendons and muscles, and general disturbance with sleep. Individuals suffering from fibromyalgia may not be able to sleep well and may take many hours to fall asleep. This further affects their performance as they will be fatigued for most of the day. Another important symptom amongst fibromyalgia symptoms is the extreme sensitivity that a patient has to touch. This means that normal brushes that an individual might experience will cause extreme pain to a fibromyalgia patient. Some patients may even feel pain when they are sitting down or placing pressure on any specific part of the body, something that others without the condition take absolutely for granted. 


Fibromyalgia diagnosis is a long drawn out process. There are no tests or scans that can be used for fibromyalgia diagnosis. Blood tests and scans are conducted for a variety of different conditions that can cause the pain that the patient suffering from fibromyalgia is experiencing. When all these scans and blood tests are negative, the doctor will arrive at a fibromyalgia diagnosis through the process of elimination. Clinical fibromyalgia symptoms are therefore the only tool available to doctors for the diagnosis of the condition. There are many conditions such as hypothyroidism and excess bone calcium that can mimic the fibromyalgia symptoms. These therefore need to be ruled out before the condition is diagnosed. 


Fibromyalgia treatment is extremely specific to each patient. Fibromyalgia treatment options include a variety of different things such as exercise, stress reduction and dietary modification. Studies have shown that a fibromyalgia diet helps to reduce the pain felt by the patient. A fibromyalgia diet essentially excludes the consumption of stimulants and alcohol. These should be totally avoided in the hours prior to sleep. Over time, exercise and stress reduction therapy will help with fibromyalgia treatment. There is no cure for fibromyalgia which is why it is listed as a chronic condition.  

Submitted on January 16, 2014