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Healthy Late Night Snacks

Most people tend to stay up late at night either watching TV, working or reading and while doing so they may even start feeling hungry and actually start craving a late night snack. It is commonly observed that most late night snack cravings tend to stem from boredom whereas sometimes late night snack ideas may arise on account of genuine reasons such as an early dinner, low salt levels , low sugar levels, dehydration, lack of proteins etc. Hence since the hunger needs need to be satisfied even at odd hours in some cases, it is best to opt for healthy late night snacks and not just opt for whatever is easily available. A late night snacks diet should always include plenty of drinking water as dehydration and thirst is one of the primary reasons for late night cravings and hunger. If water alone is not sufficient in satisfying ones cravings then one may consider other healthy late night foods. One should first decide whether the late night craving is for something salty, sweet or spicy and then accordingly choose the best late night snack that will be healthy and also satisfy the craving.
However one should be careful not to eat anything too heavy late at night as it will make the person miserable and uncomfortable thereby affecting the quality of sleep. While choosing the best late night snack one should try and give first priority to protein rich foods and not carbohydrates as proteins tend to take a longer time to get digested whereas carbohydrate rich foods tend to get digested very quickly thereby resulting in a return of the hunger pangs. In fact it is always advisable to have a special late night snack stored in the kitchen or the pantry that it is easily available when the late night hunger pangs strike. This way one need not feel guilty about having a let night snack as it would he a healthy late night snack and not one that just adds empty calories. Late night snack ideas depend on what one is in the mood for i.e. something comforting or refreshing, sweet or quick, satisfying or munching etc. One of the late night healthy snack recipes include mixing together some red onions, tomatoes, low fat cottage cheese and zucchini and then add some salsa as a final touch. One may also prepare a protein rich late night snack by adding some cooked and diced chicken to some low fat hummus and along with some shredded lettuce add this mixture into whole grain pita bread. Another idea for a late night snack is to toss together some diced radish, cucumber, low fat cottage cheese and to top it with some herbs like oregano for seasoning and some olive oil. A comforting late night snack can be prepared by adding some walnuts and honey to a 7 grain porridge. Similarly one can prepare a late night snack by adding some chocolate to a glass of hot skimmed milk or by spreading some olive paste on a whole wheat tortilla. This can be made even more healthy and wholesome by adding some lettuce and shredded chicken to form a delicious and healthy wrap.

Those who are looking for a refreshing late night snack or drink may have some chilled slices of watermelon which may be seasoned with some pepper and salt as per ones preferences. One may also have a healthy and refreshing late night snack in the form of a glass o tomato juice to which some lemon, pepper and salt has been added to further enhance its taste.
Submitted on January 16, 2014