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Healthy Snacks

Snacking is one of the areas where even those who have sworn to eat healthy, slip up. When you are busy all the time and taking special care to make all your main meals healthy, you end up snacking on chips, cookies and sodas, which are definitely not healthy. Healthy snacks are an important part of healthy eating and even though you may be tired after a grueling day at work, and even though it is easy to simply grab a burger and some fries, it is always better to consider a healthier route. Even in an extremely hectic schedule, it is not impossible to treat yourself to a healthy snack. Snacking on nutritious and healthy foods can help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

Your healthy snacks are especially important since it is not rare to feel hungry between meals. Most people enjoy their snacks more than they enjoy their meals and therefore healthy snacking is extremely important.

There are a variety of low carb snacks which taste extremely good. If you are not too keen on snacking on fruit every time you get hungry, there are other healthy snack recipes that you can try. An open brown bread sandwich with pickles and coleslaw is an excellent snack which is both filling as well as healthy. Most parents make healthy kids snacks in this manner – taking the ingredients they like and bringing them together in healthy snacks recipes that are healthy.

Children also tend to like colorful foods and therefore giving them the right kind of foods, with a lot of color, is an excellent idea. There are many such healthy snack ideas which you can borrow from cook books or the internet. Similarly, you can make healthy snacks for adults as well.

The basic thing to remember when making healthy snacks is to steer clear of foods that contain simple carbohydrates. Instead, include more complex carbohydrates in your diet. So if you are planning to stuff yourself with a large portion of fries, try to look for an alternative healthy snack, like whole grain pita bread with hummus. This will not only satiate you, but provide you with the required energy to take on more work for the rest of the day. A snack high in fats and carbohydrates usually tends to drain your energy and slow you down, leaving you weakened and lethargic. Another interesting healthy snack combination can be made by adding complex carbohydrates to proteins. For instance, whole grain breads with bananas and peanut butter or low fat yogurt are an excellent healthy snack option.

Healthy Snacking Tips, Ideas

When you are planning to prepare some healthy snacks, it means that you have to shop smart. When you are out looking for the right kind of ingredients for healthy snacks, you have to be patient with your shopping. Read the labels carefully and understand what you are buying. If you see a carton of healthy snacks, labeled ‘pure’ or ‘all natural’, it does not really mean that the food is necessarily nutritious.

For instance, all natural juices are in fact full of sugars, which means that they are high in calories as well. Instead, when you are looking for healthy snack options or healthy late night snacks, choose granola bars or cereal bars instead. When you are looking for healthy snack options, make sure that what ever you buy is low in trans fats. There are many products these days that have zero trans fats. Be sure to pick out such products for snacking. While buying low fat foods also, you have to be careful. Just read the labels carefully to find out whether the company has increased the amount of sugars to compensate for the loss of taste caused by the decrease in fat.

To make sure that you have healthy snacks readily available, be sure to make them in advance. When you are hungry post lunch, you will not wait to make a healthy snack. Instead, you will prefer simply consuming whatever is easily available and within reach. To make sure you have a healthy snack ready when you feel hungry, keep it with you at all times. This means, that you will always have a healthy snack in your briefcase, or purse to appease sudden hunger pangs. You can also carry crackers, a fruit or some healthy snack that you have prepared at home. This ensures that every time you are hungry, you have a healthy snack within reach.

You can even use these healthy snacks for weight loss. When you are counting calories, these healthy snacks can help you keep satiated and prevent you from over eating unnecessarily. It is not rare to see weight watchers eating junk food in excess during snack times, and then feeling terribly guilty about it or over compensating by simply starving themselves. When you have a healthier approach to snacking, you can also satisfy your cravings, without the fear of putting on excess weight. For instance, having baked corn chips with a low fat yogurt dip is much healthier than having regular tortilla chips with salsa. The same goes for other foods like ice creams, which can be substituted with low fat frozen yogurt. Apart from making the right choices in terms of healthy snacks, you should ideally also make the right choices in terms of your serving size. This means that you should limit yourself to small portions of snacks. Always remember that a snack is ideally smaller than a meal. This means that you should always keep your snack portions smaller than your meal portions. The key to sticking to a healthy diet is to make sure that you do not slip up during snack time. If you consume healthy foods during your regular meals, but eat unhealthy snacks, your healthy diet efforts will certainly be in vain.

What Is Healthy Late Night Snack For Adult?

Given the fact that most of us lead rather busy lives, with working late at night on most days being the norm rather than the exception, it is important to make sure that our body’s can cope with the extra stress by providing it with healthy foods. Healthy snacks for adults are a very important part of this kind of lifestyle and some of the more highly regarded foods that fall into this category include baked chips instead of ones that are fried. Following the rule of avoiding any snacks that are deep fried will more or less help you stay on track of consuming the more healthy snacks for adults at work.

What Are Healthy Snacks Before Bed?

Our diet plays a huge role in the kind of lifestyle we lead as well as the body’s ability to fight off a number of different medical conditions during the course of our lives. Feeling a little hungry before going to bed is not uncommon. However, it is very important to make sure that when you indulge yourself that you have nothing but healthy snacks before bed. When it comes to choosing healthy snacks before sleeping, make sure that you choose baked chips or other baked snacks over anything that is deep fried. Salads with fat free dressings are another very good option while yogurt as well as cereal with fat free milk is also very highly recommended.
Submitted on January 16, 2014