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Party Snacks

Parties make good memories when people remember them for the people and the food. The party snacks make all the difference. The snacks need to be creative yet easy to pick up and eat. They need to be tasty but not bland or spicy. To get the mix right, you sometimes need to rack your brains to come up with good ideas.

Party snacks can be quite a task as it decides if the party will be a hit or not.

Party snacks recipes and party snacks ideas are many. You just need to be a little creative and plan ahead. Let’s look at some easy snacks that will not stress you out. You can divide your snack plans into snacks that can be dipped, snacks that can be put on a stick and snacks that can be grabbed by the handful and munched. For snacks that can be dipped, you have options of chips, nachos, crudités or small bread bits. You do not always have buy expensive dips or spicy salsas. These dips can be made at home quickly and simply. You can use curd with herbs and chillies or a simple tomato with chilies could be used as a good substitute for salsa. You can also make hummus which is also a simple yet nutritious dip. You can serve it with pita to give it a slightly different air. For a variety you can also serve fruit with a sweetened dip of cream cheese and caramel flavoring. Also see healthy snack ideas

Easy Party Snacks

For snacks on a stick you can try barbecuing all types of vegetables, fruits and various kebabs. Putting the food on a stick ensures that you won’t need to bring out the cutlery. These types of party snacks can be easy to make as many can be cooked simultaneously in an oven or a on a grill. These snacks can also be cooked during the party and will not keep you chained to the stove. You could even grilled fruit which can be an exciting yet healthy snack to have. Easy party snacks need not come from a store. It is just as easy to make these snacks at home. Easy party snacks also need not be only junk food. There can be healthy party snacks that are easy to make. You could make popcorn and flavor it at home with interesting flavors like cheese, chili, cinnamon sugar, mixed spices and honey pepper. You could also have roasted nuts with a variety of toppings giving you a wide variety of healthy snacks. Kids’ parties tend to need the most creative snacks so kids’  party snacks and birthday party snacks for kids  requires you to put your right brain faculties to use. You could serve yogurt and allow kids to add their own toppings like chocolate, nuts and fruit. This will feel like a do-it-yourself sundae but will be much healthier. Low fat cheese cut up with little pieces of fruit can look and make a colorful and interesting snack for children. Read more on healthy snack recipes

If your party is around a big holiday or a big event, there can be different theme party snacks like Halloween party snacks, Christmas party snacks or for the football favorites, the football party snacks. For Halloween, the snacks are centered on a scary or spooky idea and made creative by using one’s fanciful imagination to the extreme. Some commonly used ideas are stuffed apple-o-lanterns, cookies that look like creepy broken fingers and boiled eggs that look like deviled eyes. If you are having a Christmas party, your theme snacks could be edible mistletoes, made from applesauce. Football is also a time where party snacks are needed. This is a great time to make small bite size snacks such as finger sandwiches, olives, trail mixes, ribs and so on.

Submitted on January 16, 2014