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Traditional Plants Help Lactating Mothers

Nursing mothers frequently face the problem of an inadequate supply of milk from their mammary glands. Unfortunately, there is no allopathic medication to increase the secretion of milk. However, hope is at hand in the form of herbs that have been prescribed in ancient Indian medical texts to increase the secretion of milk.

One of the plants that is mentioned is the Satavari (Asparagus racemosus). On tests that were conducted on rats and buffaloes, it was found that administering this herb greatly increased the secretion of milk. A combination of the plants Laptadenia reticulate and Breynia ortens have also been prescribed to increase the secretion of milk in nursing mothers.
Other plants that have been reported to induce this effect are Abroma augustaI, Cominum cyminum, and Nigella sativa. There is also a herbal preparation that is available in Indian markets that is reported to increase the secretion of milk.

Although most of these herbs have been tested on animals and found effective, tests on humans are still pending, in most cases. Extensive research needs to be carried out if these plants have any toxic effects on the mother and new born and it will require a number of controlled tests and trials before a medication that can improve the secretion of milk in nursing mothers is approved for worldwide use.

Submitted on January 16, 2014