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How to gain weight for women

There are several women, all across the globe who are trying very hard to either lose weight or stay thin, by dieting or working out regularly. Ironically, there are also many young girls and women who are too thin and are therefore looking for effective tips on how to gain weight for women in the right manner. Being either too fat or too thin can be a problem for woman of all ages to deal with. For healthy weight gain women are required to put in almost as much hard work as in the case of healthy weight loss. This is because gaining weight by eating excessive amounts of the wrong foods may eventually lead to health complications as well as the accumulation of fat in the wrong places.
Healthy ways to gain weight for women are quite different from the techniques that men usually use, in order to gain weight. The main reason for it is that women are usually keener on developing curves in the right places, instead of just gaining overall body weight or getting fat. Therefore, it is best to follow natural techniques on how to gain weight fast for women especially.

How to gain weight women?

Many dieticians and fitness experts are often asked for natural methods on how to gain weight for women. Several factors can cause a woman to be skinny, which includes genes, the diet followed, the levels of activity, age, metabolism, medical conditions and so on. There are some women, who have such a high metabolism, that they do not seem to gain weight, no matter what they eat. If you are interested in gaining weight in the right places, it may be best for you to follow the tips given below on how to gain weight for women:

•    Decide what type of weight you are more interested in gaining; you have two choices, muscle weight and fat weight. Both of them will have a different effect on your body. Fat tends to collect on certain areas, like the hips, thighs and the stomach area. On the other hand, lean muscle grows mainly in those areas that you are working out. Moreover, muscle weight can actually add more to your overall body weight, as compared to fat weight.
•    Normally, women who are interested in gaining weight avoid exercising and working out. However, exercise is not just great for losing weight; it can help in weight gain too. Fitness experts and gym instructors can advise you on the types of exercises that can help in overall weight gain and body toning. Naturally, walking on a treadmill or using aerobic machines should be avoided. Instead you can spend time performing exercises that can help you pack on the pounds and shape your body up. You need not worry about developing a figure your body getting too muscular, if you avoid taking steroids or supplements.
•    Increase the number of calories you consume each day, after analyzing the amount of weight you want to gain. One pound is around 3,500 calories and therefore, it is possible for you to gain up to one pound a week, by consuming 500 calories more than what your body burns everyday. It is important to give your body the chance to adjust to the weight changes, by gaining no more than one or two pounds a week.
•    Eat foods that are not only dense in calories, but also healthy, such as nuts, smoothies, milkshakes, whole dairy products, fruit juices, peanut butter and so on. You can also add extra calories to your meals, by using more salad dressings, sauces, syrup, cheese or butter to your normal recipes.

However, before using any of the tips mentioned above on how to gain weight for women effectively, it is best to consult a proper dietician or your general practitioner, especially if you are suffering from any preexisting medical condition.  

Submitted on January 16, 2014