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How to gain weight with a fast metabolism

Metabolism is the process where food is converted into energy and heat. It is the method used by the body to generate energy. Energy is required for every single body process, be it the tiniest production of cells or intensive exercise. Metabolism occurs throughout the day with food and food reserves being used as energy sources. During the day, one may consume meals three or four times.

The rest of the day is spent producing energy from this food or from food that is temporarily stored in the liver and muscle tissue as glycogen. The rate of metabolism is controlled by the thyroid gland. This gland releases hormones which activate the process of metabolism. In general, there is a normal rate of metabolism for human beings.
However, some people may have a slightly higher rate of metabolism than others because of slight variations in the way their glands function. An individual with a higher rate of metabolism will appear to be more energetic. Such an individual may also appear to never gain weight and may always be thinner than others who consume the same quantities of food.

Such an individual, one with a high rate of metabolism, is in an advantageous position. Such individuals will naturally have more stamina and may be able to develop muscle mass more effectively. However, such individuals may be chronically underweight even when they consume enough food that would normally help an individual gain weight. At this point, the question arises - how to gain weight with a fast metabolism rate. In general, one can assume that one will gain weight if the amount of calories consumed is higher than the amount burned. However, when one has a high rate of metabolism, then typical daily calorie requirements are not applicable. Such an individual must therefore choose a higher calorie diet to gain weight.
One way in which to deal with a high rate of metabolism is to exercise regularly. Exercise should be focused on physically intensive tasks rather than tasks that are endurance based. Endurance based tasks will gradually burn food for energy which is something that is not necessarily good for someone who already has a high rate of metabolism and has trouble with gaining weight. Physically intensive tasks require bursts of energy and also help with muscle development. The development of muscles is a key way in which an individual with a high rate of metabolism can put on weight.

When it comes to the diet and how to how to gain weight with a fast metabolism, one needs to focus on protein foods to be added to the diet. Certain vegetables are high in protein as are most lentils and most types of meat. Protein helps with the development of muscle mass. When the individual adds a new protein source to his or her diet along with exercise, there is a good chance that weight gain will take place. Another important aspect towards gaining weight is to convert unhealthy foods to healthy foods. Many processed foods and fast food sources contain nutrition that is not healthy and therefore not beneficial to the individual. Therefore, one may be consuming a large quantity of food without actually providing the body with good nutrition. The bad parts of the diet should therefore be changed so that less unhealthy food is consumed. A switch to better nutrition sources may also help to gain weight as these new foods will be more nourishing.

With every passing week one can gradually increase food consumption until weight gain starts to show. This must be done along with muscle building exercise so that weight is gained as muscle and not as fat.

Submitted on January 16, 2014