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Healthy Meals for Men

Men and women have different rates of metabolism and therefore, have different nutritional needs. Meals for women are more focused on combatting stress and keeping fitness levels high, while for men, they are more focused on building strength. For men, who are planning to improve their physique or increase and improve muscle tone, it is all the more important to pay special attention to the meals. Unfortunately, men are a lot more likely to make food choices of convenience and taste, rather than nutrition. Single men, especially, fall into this trap and avoid making anything that is complicated, which leaves them with poor nutritional choices.

Meals for men should ideally be very simple to make, packing both calories for energy and proteins for muscle bulk. A simple way to make healthy meals is to make small portions of uncomplicated meals and freeze them so that you can defrost them and eat them at a later time. The simplest nutritious food is meat and potatoes, but there are more satisfying meals that you can prepare for yourself.

Men's Breakfast Meals

Breakfast meal should ideally be nutritionally dense. You can make eggs of your choice, have at least one cup of milk, some cooked ham or bacon, and other vegetables of choice. This is a healthy breakfast and can be cooked into an omelet or a scrambled egg dish. You can eat some cheese or a piece of bread with that to make it more filling. If you are looking to prepare meals to gain weight, it is ideal to consume more calories, so you can add goat cheese, cottage cheese, or olive oil to your food to make it loaded with healthy calories. You can also consume whole milk instead of skimmed milk to make your breakfast heavier and more nutritional.

Snack For Men's Meals

Greek yogurt is a great thing to keep with you for snacking in the office. This is a low fat yogurt made from goat’s milk,which is healthy, filling and delicious as well. You can also consume yogurt of your own choice. Flavored yogurt should ideally be avoided because it contains a lot of additives, sugars and added flavors. You can also carry some fruits with you. The best fruits are berries because they are loaded with antioxidants and other essential nutrients, and these make for excellent meals for weight loss in men.

Meals For Men’s During Lunch

Lunch should also be nutritional, but less heavy than what you had for your breakfast. The easiest way to approach lunch is white meat sandwiches. You can purchase chicken or turkey cold cuts and use them to make sandwiches with low fat mayonnaise, salad, and vegetables. You can purchase a whole chicken at the beginning of the week, and then roast it in your oven with some dressing and fillings. You can then strip the meat and store it in freezer compartments. You can use this chicken with salad, rice or sandwiches to make a healthy lunch. You can use whole wheat bread or pita bread to make these healthy sandwiches. You can also make some chicken salad with low fat curd dressing, honey, olive oil, fruits, nuts and salad greens. You can also use sprouted lentils for your salad. These are great meals for dieting. Some other healthy meals include cooked and raw vegetables with breads and potatoes. When cooking meals, low carbohydrate and high proteins should be preferred. Men’s favorite meals are those that require minimum effort and yet are healthy and filling.

Men’s Fitness Meal

Men’s fitness meals usually depend on the kind of fitness plans and goals that a person has. For single men, preparing dinner is usually the most difficult task as when you get home from work you just want to relax and eat something that tastes good but is convenient. If you don’t enjoy cooking it doesn’t mean that there are no simple dishes that you can prepare that still taste good. You should also try and cut down on the snacking before meal time, instead grab some fresh fruits.

The dinner should ideally be a healthy meal that is lighter than all other meals of the day. Choose very easy dishes that are quick to make and pack a healthy punch. You can make a beef stew that is high in fiber and proteins. This makes for a health dinner. Simply, stew up some beef with green vegetables, carrots and potatoes. You can also get some barbecue sauce and prepare some ribs. You can also prepare boneless meats with barbecue sauce and eat them as a sandwich or with a bun.

You can keep the leftovers and use them for luncheon sandwiches. Keep the fibers high and add a lot of proteins to your meals. The ideal men’s fitness meal is that which allows you to have lots of energy for a busy day, while still being low on proteins. It is also important to snack healthy. Dried fruits, granola bars and nuts are some healthy choices for snacks in between meals for men’s fitness.

Submitted on January 16, 2014