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Medicinal Therapies and Diet

Man gets sick.  That’s a fact!  Whether physically, physiologically or psychologically, man seeks medicinal therapies intended to improve physical or emotional wellbeing and to extend his life span.  

There are countless of medicinal therapies man encounters in this world. As man seeks out what is best for him, he comes into contact with different medical remedies or treatments, ancient or modern, this world could offer. For a fact these treatments are associated with a certain degree of risk for adverse effects or side effects.  

Medicinal therapies are divided into traditional and modern medicines.  Most traditional medicines are simple herbal preparations made from plants that can easily be grown around the home.
Alternative medicines are not included in the traditional medical curricula taught in the USA AND Britain.  

With proliferation of medical practices, licensed or not, probably the best medicinal therapies people are now imbibing are yoga and the strict adherence to a diet plan. In the United States alone yoga practitioners are more than a million and still growing in leaps and bounds.  Yoga does not make use of pills or any oral and injectible medicines and so with following a diet regimen. They believe this would rid their bodies of any foreign element which could put their health at risk.  There is also this fear of being misdiagnosed and subsequently given a medicine which does not suit their needs.  

Yoga has become an alternative medicine as medicinal therapy. Medicinal in the sense that yoga has greatly improved the flexibility of the human body, the mind more at ease and keeps a person looking and feeling youthful.  Yoga enhances the immune system.  Yoga has probably done more good for the human body than any one can realized.  

After yoga, the next best medicinal therapy any man can indulge in is diet.  Diet has always been defined as the control of food intake. To control intake of food and drink is for health reasons, to improve a medical condition.

Medicinal therapies may not only mean alternative medicine, modern medicine, traditional medicine, it could well mean also yoga and diet.

But no matter what the healing method people take, the fact remains that the primitive urge to eat extends to the way in which we regard food as a medicine and take medicinal substances to heal ourselves.  That could be ironic.  With these different illnesses come the many medicinal therapies from the around the world.  These medicinal therapies draw an experience from different parts of the planet.

Submitted on September 4, 2008