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Some say yoga is not just an exercise regimen.  Still others contend that it is not about relaxation, but it is more about control of life.  It belongs to any group of Hindu discipline that promotes the unity of the person with a supreme being through a system of postures and rituals.  

Yoga has become primarily associated with the practice of asanas (postures) of Hatha Yoga.  Hatha Yoga in its many modern variations is the style that most people actually associate with the word “yoga” today.  It emphasizes the body through asana and pranayama practice.  These are yoga poses which develop physical health and vitality. Hatha Yoga in this sense is practiced throughout the West for mental and physical health.  

Sometimes Hatha Yoga is also translated as the “forceful yoga,” it seems to require the most physical exercises of all yoga types.  Hatha Yoga is first of all concentrating on the practice of postures or poses (asanas) and breath control (pranayama) to energize the subtle channels. Hatha yoga is the most appropriate type of yoga especially for beginners.

If Hatha Yoga revitalizes the other wise dead channels of energy in man, Bikram yoga on the other hand, concentrates on scientifically warming and stretching muscles, ligaments and tendons.
This came about when Bikram suffered a knee injury and was predicted that he would never walk again.  Undaunted by what the doctors said, Bikram went back to his yoga school. After six months, his knee had totally recovered.  Since then he has brought his curative methods of yoga therapy around the world.  

There are many kinds of yoga class to choose from nowadays. Although they are based on the same yoga poses, their approaches differ widely. Consider your personality, likes and dislikes.  It can help you identify the right yoga style that suits your needs.  

For beginners, is it advised that the lessons of yoga is geared to knowing how to do fundamental yoga poses the right way.  Beginning poses are yoga’s building blocks.  As you progress along yoga poses become difficult variations.  But by then the body becomes stronger and more flexible.

All of these yoga poses and exercises are practically done on yoga mat.  There are kinds of yoga mat as there kinds of yoga.  One is utopian yoga mat which is associated with perfection.  As the name suggests, you will, be standing on perfection. Yoga mat also cushions knees, joints and ankles.  This is a safe way to practice yoga.

Yoga in practice is an applied science of the mind and body. The more you practice yoga, the more it will bring a natural balance of body and mind.  In this way the state of health will manifest itself.

Submitted on September 4, 2008