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Shakes for Diabetics

Diabetes is a metabolic and hormonal condition in which the body becomes unable to use the blood sugar for producing energy. There are two types of diabetes, type I and type II. A third kind of diabetes is gestational diabetes, which is caused at the time of pregnancy. There are a lot of different symptoms of diabetes, including blurred vision, fatigue, extreme thirst, and frequent urination. There are special recipes for diabetic foods, and since diabetes has become a rather common health condition, a lot of commercial brands have launched foods that are designed specifically for diabetics.
There are also specific diets that can be used for planning diabetes meals. 

There are a lot of meal plans that incorporate shakes for diabetics. Diabetics often also lose a lot of weight due to their condition, and therefore, some doctors also recommend the use of weight gain shakes for diabetics. Meal replacement shakes are very popularly recommended by clinicians and dietitians alike. If you are obese, you may have to lose weight and some of these shakes are designed to help you with that. Some doctors may not recommend protein shakes for diabetics. Meal replacement shakes, which are made from fresh fruits and vegetables, can be used to lower blood glucose levels. Some of these meal replacement shakes for diabetics can help you delay the onset of specific types of the condition. Type 2 diabetes is especially benefitted by consuming weight loss shakes for diabetics. The breakfast shakes for diabetes are low in simple sugars and simple carbohydrates. They are, however, high in all the other nutrients that you require to keep your body healthy. With these shakes, you would also need to cut down on simple carbohydrates, so that your glucose levels do not spike. The visalus shakes and glucerna shakes for diabetes are extremely healthy for this health condition. These are usually weight loss shakes that help you get back into shape so that you can maintain your weight and can also control the sugar levels in your blood. These fill your appetite and are able to give you all the required nutrients. These can replace a well-balanced meal, while preventing you from gaining weight. When paired with a healthy low calorie lifestyle, these shakes can help you control the condition.

One of the main benefits of the nutritional shakes for diabetics is that you can keep track of the exact amount of carbohydrates in your diet. Apart from the diet for diabetics, there are also some other nutritional shakes for diabetics that are aimed at improving the nutritional quality of your diet. Since high protein shakes for diabetes are not recommended, some doctors prescribe whey protein shakes for diabetics. These shakes are consumed as a replacement for your meals. Consuming diabetes shakes after eating should be avoided as this defeats the purpose of preparing such shakes.

Type 1 Diabetes Shakes

There are a lot of type 1 diabetes shakes that are just ideal for diet management and meal replacement. Glucerna shakes are considered especially beneficial for those who have type 1 diabetes. However, before you consume glucerna products and shakes, it is important to monitor your glucose levels regularly in order to ensure that your blood sugar is under control. Glucerna shakes affect different people differently, and you may have to monitor your blood glucose levels to see how these products affect them. These shakes have complex carbohydrates that can help release the sugars into your blood stream very slowly so that the glucose levels peak very slowly. You can also try some type 1 diabetes protein shakes, but it is best to discuss their use with your doctor before you begin to consume them on a regular basis. If you are not too keen on weight loss, design your meal around your specific diabetes goals, and choose the shakes accordingly. Since weight loss would typically affect the sugar levels in your blood, it may be worthwhile to plan your diet goals in advance. 

Diet milk shakes for diabetics however, are not recommended for those who are suffering from hypoglycemia. Choose your foods as well as the ingredients of the shakes carefully, selecting only those ingredients that do not have a high glycemic index as this could cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. Diabetic shakes and bars usually have slowly metabolizing carbohydrates that help release the glucose in your bloodstream very slowly. Before consuming any kind of protein shakes for type 1 diabetics, be sure to consult your dietitian or your doctor.

Shakes for Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes shakes are extremely healthy for those suffering from this health condition. However, some people may not like the taste of these shakes. A lot of these shakes can be made at home, but since these require careful calibration of ingredients, it is best to get yourself the ones that are available commercially. If you like the taste of these shakes, there are a lot of commercial products available especially for diabetics. These shakes are a little expensive, but if you can afford them, they can be a very healthy addition to your diet. Even if you cannot afford these shakes on a regular basis, you can keep some at home just in case you need something to grab a quick bite. You can also have some diabetic bars that are made of similar ingredients. These have a very low glycemic index and are ideal to consume when your blood sugars are high. However, if your sugars are low, it is best to avoid consuming these shakes and bars.

The shakes for type 2 diabetics are designed to release sugars into your blood stream so that you do not experience a spike in your blood glucose. These shakes are considered excellent for meal replacements, but you should not consume them in large quantities. When you want to use these shakes in your diet while planning your meals, you can choose from a selection of different flavors. These make for easy to use and healthy meal choices for diabetics. When buying diabetic shakes for type 2 diabetes, always look at the protein and fiber content on the label at the back of the packets. There are some bars that are fortified with essential nutrients such as iron, calcium and magnesium. If you have gestational diabetes, you should not consume a lot of these shakes and bars. Gestational diabetes shakes are not recommended.

Submitted on January 16, 2014