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Protein Energy Shakes

Protein and energy shakes have a lot of benefits to overall health. There are many premade mixes of powder available in different flavors that you can mix with milk, juice or water. To prepare an energy shake, you should select the powdered supplements that will suit you the best. Energy shakes nutrition is very important, and you should make sure to read the labels to see what you require. You will ideally require a product that is low in carbohydrates, fat, and sugar for a protein supplement, but for an energy supplement, more carbohydrates will be added, albeit make sure there is not too much sugar.
The supplements of protein whether they are soy protein shakes or whey protein powder are very popular among exercise enthusiasts. Protein supplements are considered to be pure protein without fat and carbohydrates and are much needed for professional sportsmen and bodybuilders. Protein shakes for energy can be prepared in a quick and easy way by mixing the supplements into water or milk.

Some people use energy shakes due to a lack of energy. Before you select the energy supplement you want to use, you must first find out the reason for your lack of energy. There are many conditions that can cause a lack of energy, so one energy shake will not suit everyone, and you will just waste your money and time. One of the common reasons for lack of energy and fatigue is deficiency of iron. Iron is present in dark green leafy vegetables and most red meat. Individuals who do not consume sufficient quantities of these foods will have a low iron levels in the blood. An effective way to select energy supplements for low levels of iron is to take a multivitamin or iron supplement that has iron.

Most often energy shake diets are safe, but you should always make sure to read the ingredients. This is because sometimes the products may have stimulants like caffeine and sometimes even harmful ones like ephedrine. Usually, the stimulants will only prevent you from sleeping, but some can bring about serious health conditions like arrhythmia and heart attack. Energy shakes for women who are pregnant should not be taken without the consultation of a doctor. Shakes for energy in men as well as women can help with the workout sessions by providing higher energy levels and enabling longer and harder workouts. If you do not find enough time to make meals through the day, you can have protein shakes like whey protein, that will help soak up the proteins and fiber that you take in, keeping you healthy. Protein is the main element in muscle building as it feeds the muscle fibers and the energy cells that get burned during workouts. One thing to remember about energy shakes is that they will only help in training and will not build muscle. Energy protein shakes are favored by bodybuilders for higher levels of energy as well as to ensure the daily intake of fiber, protein and vitamins so that they do not need to worry about how much vitamins and protein they have consumed and if it is sufficient.

Morning Energy Shakes

Shakes for energy in the morning, packed with antioxidant-rich fiber and fruits, proteins and essential fats are a good way to start the day. You can not only maintain the energy levels with the shakes but you can also use the energy shakes for weight loss by boosting the metabolic function. Having protein energy breakfast shakes can also help regulate and stabilize the levels of blood sugar. Blood sugar levels that are unstable usually occurs when you have too much of carbs without having anything else. If all that is present in your system is carbs, then it will get converted to glucose quickly, which will bring about a sugar rush. However, when you have protein found in whey protein shakes and good fats like nuts or flaxseeds along with the carbs, the process of the carbs getting converted to glucose will be slowed down and the levels of blood sugar will remain stable. Some of the benefits of having a protein shake in the morning include having emotions that are stable because of good energy levels, no carb or sugar cravings, encouraged bone growth, thereby preventing osteoporosis, and reduced depression and stress.

Energy Shakes for Kids, Children

Calories from beverages and foods provide kids with energy for activity and growth. Energy shakes for kids can be helpful if you feel that your child is not getting sufficient calories with the daily diet. Most shakes for children are available as ready to drink products and come in flavors such as strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Along with the nutrients that support the immune system like vitamins A, C and E, selenium and iron, some shakes contain a drinking straw that provides probiotic bacteria that is healthy. Most shakes also have essential nutrients that help in growth like carnitine and taurine. Nonetheless, whichever energy shake you choose, make sure you do so only after carefully checking the ingredients present.
Submitted on January 16, 2014