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Protein Shakes for Women

For women who are working out regularly, protein shakes can be a boon. Being a woman is not easy and there are tons of things that you have to juggle, from work to family, and just finding time to work out is hard enough. When you work out, though, your body needs to get nutrition right, and protein is an important part of your diet. Protein shakes for women can save you the time and effort needed to cook a healthy meal, and still give you the optimal nutrition needed. First of all, it is important to understand that the benefits of protein shakes for women can also be gotten from regular, home-cooked, planned meals.
Protein shakes just eliminate the need to spend hours in the kitchen, and make your life easier. If you are low on protein, you will find that your workouts are leaving you tired instead of energized. Protein helps you to lose weight and put on muscle, making you stronger and fitter. Protein helps to rebuild torn muscles faster. It also needed for other basic functions of the body, and a lack of protein can leave you severely weakened. After a workout, they help your body to recover and regenerate faster. 

There are different kinds of protein shakes available on the market. These include soy protein shakes for women, whey protein shakes for women, and casein-based protein shakes for women. The stress is on “for women” because these shakes are specifically made with the metabolism of women in mind and are slightly different from those for men.  Of these, whey is the most easily digestible and is suited for short, intense workouts. On the other hand, casein is slowly digested, meaning that it is better for longer, endurance-based workouts. Low calorie protein shakes for women are normally a better idea, since women need lesser calories than men. This will help you to lose weight faster. If you are not into endurance sports, then low carb protein shakes for women are much better, as you need more protein than carbs if you are trying to lose weight. You should also go for low fat protein shakes for women, as you do not need that much fat if you are not trying to bulk up. You should keep in mind, though, that too much protein may be harmful, especially for women. Excess consumption of protein has been shown to deplete the body’s calcium reserves. This is especially a consideration for women, since they are more prone to skeletal problems like osteoporosis. So, do not go overboard on the protein shakes. As much as possible, concentrate on high quality, home-cooked, balanced meals.

Submitted on January 16, 2014