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General Motors Diet Weight Loss Program

The General Motors diet (GM Diet) was named after the company itself, a diet that was launched to integrate and help build health concerns for people they are working with, including families and friends.  Now what makes this diet completely unique from other diet programs is that it requires daily food intakes of fresh fruits and vegetables, without the exemption of dairy products.  This is closely related to the second type of vegetarian diet where dairy product intakes are allowed.  There are no food exemptions in this diet, only that you will have to follow rules and guidelines in order to attain the diet fitness the program was designed for. 

General Motors 7 Day Diet Plan

The habit of the program is it is divided into seven days that requires an individual to strictly follow the meal specified for that day.

In one of the seven days of the General Motors weight loss diet, you are required to eat all the fruits your heart desires, you can eat them limitless, to heaven’s end, but bananas are a major no-no’s on the first day, bananas are categorized to be acidic than other fruits. 

Rice is not included until the fifth day of the gm diet; many have tried the gm diet and gave positive news breaking testimonies about it and as for some, it is perfectly normal for the gm diet to not work for them.  I definitely consider the General motors diet as a detox diet, because it detoxifies the fruits and vegetables you take day by day, and by the end of the week, your body releases all the unwanted fat acids it does not need. 

A regular intake of 10 glasses of water is strictly required in the General Motors diet (GM Diet) .  It helps release unwanted fat every time you urinate. The GM diet basically is a family and staff-oriented program which can be done in both office and house.  General Motors also helps dieters improve their approach to themselves and other people as well, growing emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  

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The General Motors diet allows you to work things on your own; you can even stop for a while and continue again once you are ready to pass the walk of this diet.  The diet is not a burden and can easily be taken cared of.  This GM diet is worth trying, who knows, this might actually work for you.  This diet program is not harmful for it is one hundred and one percent healthy and clearly gives you the clear path to a healthy lifestyle.  You can do this any time, any place you want to.   

General Motors Diet Vegetarian

The General Motors Diet, also known as the GM Diet, was prepared primarily for General Motors Inc.’s employees and their dependents. The GM diet program was created to help the dieter lose up to 10 – 17 lbs, per week. As per the GM diet, the person is required to completely avoid alcohol consumption, instead this can be substituted with black coffee (no sugar), lemon squeezed in water (no cream, sugar, or sugar substitutes), and club soda.

The dieter is also required to consume at least 10 glasses of water per day.

The GM diet includes a special cabbage soup, thus many refer to it as the Cabbage Soup diet. The ingredients in this soup include 28oz of water, 6 large-sized onions, 4 envelopes of Lipton onion soup mix, 1 head of cabbage, 2 green peppers, some celery, a few fresh tomatoes, a few herbs, and flavoring, if required.

The GM diet can be followed by both non-vegetarian as well as vegetarians. The General Motors diet follows a systematic method of food consumption, as given below:

Day 1:  Only fruits, except for banana can be consumed. Dieters are advised to consume larger quantities of loupe and watermelon than other fruits.

Day 2:  Only raw or cooked vegetables, rich in fiber, can be consumed. Dieters are advised to start their day with consuming a large baked potato, to make sure the body gets the required carbohydrate content. The meals should not have an excess of spice or salt in them.

Day 3: A mix of fruits and vegetables can be consumed. This should not include banana or potato. During the third day, the system begins the process of burning fat.

Day 4: 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk should be consumed, to maintain the required levels of potassium and sodium that the body requires. The dieter can also consume the cabbage soup on this day in limited quantities.

Day 5: 2 oz lean beef or cottage cheese (for vegetarian) with 6 fresh tomatoes should be consumed, which will provide your body with the required iron and protein content. At least a quart of water needs to be consumed on the fifth day to flush out the uric acid produced in the body. 

Day 6: Lean meat or cottage cheese can be consumed with an unlimited amount of vegetables.
Day 7: Only brown rice, fruit juices (no sugar added) and vegetables should be consumed. By the seventh day, the dieter begins to feel lighter, healthier, and more alert.

Submitted on January 16, 2014
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