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The Makers Diet

What kind of self regulating process that allows you to rediscover the real you and at the same time brings you closer to a Supreme Being? Makers diet is a new approach to health and fitness objectives in a quest to adopt sustain or initiate a healthy living according to how humans were created. Makers diet is basically all about spiritual wellness and promoting healthy lifestyle to achieve the best possible results of living longer according to how the physical body should live. But is there a need for one to be spiritually conscious just to live healthy and involve him or herself in the makers diet program?
The answer is a plain "no." Makers diet requires acknowledging your limitations as an individual and identifying your possible opportunities and live a healthy lifestyle, a sort of spiritual wellness in a macro perspective. On the other hand, it does not need for one to involve in a religious activities to live healthy but allowing your body work according to how you were created is something that needs to be considered in the Makers diet program. 

The new and one of the best selling book The Maker’s Diet is written and authored by Jordan Rubin.
The book describes how one could live a healthy lifestyle by eating natural foods and performs exercise regularly.  The program which Rubin plotted the four composition of the total essence of a health. These four components are identified as the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental.  Rubin pointed out in his book that a true healthy lifestyle and a very healthy person is living according to the four components of life and that anything you take will give you something in the future. In a sense, the author is saying that anything you do today, including what you ate is what you will become in the future. 

Eating natural foods is one of the major challenges of a person who would like to succumb to the Makers diet program. For one, life in the suburban area actually offers fast pace lifestyle and fast food chains are just too many be just ignored. Moreover, lifestyle in the city is very fast but promotes sturdy life, less exercise and movements. At times, workers are usually seated in their four-walled cubicles or offices. For this reason, aside from the busy lifestyle, people are neglecting the possible dangers of deteriorating lifestyle. In Maker’s diet, one needs to adhere to Bible principles in order for him or her to sustain a healthy lifestyle, which actually a rewarding path to spiritual wellness in the long run.

Further, Jordin made mention of the two regularly debated ideas in the society- the Biblical versus the scientific principles. While it is true that these two principles are frequently disassociated with the one from the other, the Makers diet however points out that in order to achieve that healthy lifestyle quest, one has to experience both principles. In adhering to Biblical principles, Jordin mentioned the need to follow God’s dietary laws and regulations according to what is written in the Holy Book. This includes the kind of food excluding the meat of cloven animals like cows, sheeps and goats. In support to his book, Jordin included many nutritious recipes for someone undergoing the Maker’s diet program. Lastly, the book made mentioned on the three Scientific principles associated with healthy lifestyles. The scientific principles attacks the three “I” that many people failed to acknowledge- infection, inflammation and infection. If adhered accordingly, Rubin believes that anything will goes really well for a person who has a balanced view of life according to how he or she was created.
Submitted on January 16, 2014