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How can hair be nourished?

(November 26, 2010)

Hair is an important part of an individual that requires a lot of care.It determines and enhances the personality of an individual. Good hair speaks for itself. Hair nourishment is obtained easily through a balanced diet. External nourishment is also equally important. Improper eating habits and unclean hair result in hair loss.

Other problems associated with hair are broken hair ends (split ends), dandruff and lice infestation, entangled hair and so on.

Certain medications also have harmful effects on the growth, volume and texture of hair. Refer to your physician, regarding the effect of certain medicines on hair, in case you are on medicines. A clean comb and other accessories play a vital role in hair care. Unclean brushes and rubber bands result in dandruff and other infestation. This in turn causes hair fall. Improper usage of hair dryers, curlers and other perming and heating equipments result in hair problems.

A healthy diet has a great impact on hair nourishment. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages have a negative impact. Avoid them, to see the difference. Raw fruits and fresh vegetables help a long way in good hair growth. Avoid foods rich in cholesterol and saturated fats. Some of them are red meat, egg yolk, and so on. Do not eat burgers, chips, French fries, pizzas, puffs and pastries. Fish and soy are helpful, in addition to sprouts, legumes and pulses. Green leafy vegetables prove beneficial in hair growth.

Trim the ends in case of split ends. Washing with adequate amount of water helps in maintenance of good hair. Be natural with your hair. Excessive usage of chemical bleaches, hair gels, results in breakage, due to the ammonia present in them. Natural shampoos are better than chemical based shampoos.

A number of products are available in the market, such as shampoos, hair colors, soaps and conditioners, out of which, a few of them prove harmful to the hair. Opt for home remedies that prove cost effective, devoid of any side effects. A regular massage with warm coconut oil increases circulation. This also helps in the prevention of hair loss.

There are certain easy and effective home remedies for hair nourishment. Some of them are:

  1. Spinach juice is good for hair care.
  2. A healthy drink made out of equal proportions of simsim, alfalfa and carrot is effective against hair breakage and hair loss.
  3. Apply a paste of coriander leaves on the hair. It can also be substituted by margosa leaves.
  4. Indian gooseberry (Indian gooseberry) and lime are wonderful cleansing agents.

Check out these tips for bouncy and shining hair.

Submitted by R B on November 26, 2010 at 05:19


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