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exercise fitness

  • Best Exercise Timings in Morning or Evening?
    Pros And Cons For Exercise TimingsAll of us exercise according to our own convenience and hardly ever stop to think about the right time to exercise. Though exercising at any time of the day is helpful, there are certain times of the day when exercising can be especially helpful.There[...]

  • Health Benefits of Being Fit with Moderate Exercises
    Exercise BenefitsExercises need not be stressful, painful or exhausting to produce beneficial effects. Moderate exercises are capable of preventing heart disease. Strenuous exercises can do more harm than good. It can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels, cause irregular heart beats and may actually cause a heart attack or stroke[...]

  • Food diary is a simple guide to good health to plan low fat, high fiber diet meal
    Food Diary for Daily Food Diet and ExerciseA food diary is a simple guide to good health. It helps in recording the intake. The quantity of food with the time at which it is consumed is noted down. Record a food diary in a regular manner, as it takes at[...]

  • Dietary Advice to Lose Belly Fat | Home Tips To Reduce Belly
    The maximum benefits of a workout for those who want to know how to lose belly fat naturally, comes when it lasts anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes per session, because each such session leads to maximum fat loss.[...]

  • Best Way To Lose Weight | Best Exercise To Lose Weight | Fastest Way To Lose Weight
    Best way to lose weightBest way to lose weight – Weight gain is a common complain for most people. Given the dependence on take-out food and fast foods and poor or no exercise routines, this isn’t surprising; thankfully though with a little discipline weight loss can be[...]

  • Simple Health Benefits of Exercising In-Doors
    Indoor Diet-Step TipsIt is not necessary to walk outdoors if it is extremely hot, humid, wet, cold or windy. You can always exercise in-doors at home.Stationary Diet Step – This is a combination of walking and running in place. Use a thick rug or padded exercise mat[...]

  • Fitness tips for home makers and working women to stay fit and active
    Women Fitness Tips  Fitness tips help in keeping oneself hale and healthy. It prevents the entry of germs, thereby any kind of illnesses. Inactivity, stress, improper diet pattern are some of the reasons for poor physiological or psychological health. Womens fitness tips involve many criterions. Many women are[...]

  • Aerobic Strength Training Exercise | Aerobic Weight Lifting | Aerobic Weight Training
    Aerobic Weight Training-Aerobics weight training involves lifting light weights at heavier speeds. The most popular form of aerobic weight training is circuit training.[...]

  • Lemon - Effective Detox Diet For Better Health
    Lemon Detox Cleansing diet The lemon detox diet can help you lose weight by flushing out the buildup of toxins from the colon and helping the body function better. Also known as a lemon cleanser, this effective detox diet does not need expensive ingredients. You can also use a lemon[...]

  • Calories Burned by Doing Crunches - Pushups and Sit ups
    Calories Burnt Doing CrunchesIt is a well-known fact that exercising on a regular basis in important for everyone, especially those who are overweight. Your body burns calories while you engage in any form of physical activity, especially exercising. Therefore, exercising every day can help you lose weight and reach[...]

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