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exercise fitness

  • General Motors or Gm - Exercise Plan and Diet
    GM Diet and Exercise The General Motors developed a healthy diet program for its employees and their dependents in 1995. This program became popular and is today referred to as the General Motors diet or GM diet, in short. The intention of the management for implementing this program was to[...]

  • Burning Calories for Fitness - Exercise and Dietary Tips
    Burning Calories to Stay Healthy and FitIt is a well known and time tested fat that exercises helps to burn calories and stay fit. Exercise works in two different ways in helping to burn calories and lose weight. Firstly, exercise causes the body muscles to strain harder and do work[...]

  • Does Exercise Make You Hungry? Wrong Myths about Exercises
    Wont Exercise Make you Hungry? Know more about Exercise and Hunger Myths About Exercises There is a wrong myth that exercise stimulates appetite and you eat more, which is untrue. Walking actually decreases appetite by several mechanisms –Too little exercise causes an increase in your appetite, by stimulating the[...]

  • Walking, Running For Back Pain Relief | Spot Jogging For Backache
    For stiffness related problems, it is essential to walk for joint jogging for a period of about 45 minutes at a speed of 4 miles per hour will lose about 240 calories.[...]

  • Healthy Weight Loss Solutions | Get Rid Of Obesity | Home Remedy For Obesity
    Obesity is a very common problem and it can be traced to our modern sedentary lifestyle and our unhealthy dietary habits. Exercising is an essential tool for healthy weight loss as it helps to tone the body by using excess reserves of fat.[...]

  • Burn Up More Calories and Exercise Regularly for Flat Abs
    Getting tight, toned abs is not easy! Yes, all the young models in glossy magazines have firm six-packs, and even some celebrities might attempt the washboard magic, but the truth is that it’s a lot of hard work. For tighter abs, you need to focus on abdominal[...]

  • List of Activities that Burn Calories in Men and Women
    Burn 108calories by slow jogging: How many calories per day should one lose through exercise?Physical exercise is essential for burning the calories and losing weight. Exercise can increase the workload of our muscle tissue. This can help in enlarging our muscle tissue. Thus our resting metabolic rate is also[...]

  • Diet Tips: Plans | Workout Tips | Weight Loss Tips | Diet Recipes
    Diet TipsIn the present world, being thin is naturally associated with being fit, healthy and good looking, while being overweight can raise several health concerns. Almost every body is aware of the key factors that influence an individual’s good health – following a healthy diet and getting adequate[...]

  • Walking is a Simple and Easy Form of Weight Loss Exercise
    Walk Off Body WeightWalking exercise is one of the simple and easy forms of weight loss exercise. It helps in burining extra fat and enables one to maintain healthy weight. Many people often wonder about the number of calories burned walking. This depends upon factors such as body frame, height[...]

  • Burn Calories by Walking a Mile - Preparation and Workout
    Calories Burned Walking A Mile As a low impact exercise that offers a number of benefits besides weight loss, walking is suitable for people of all ages, sizes, and levels of fitness. It is ideal for those who prefer a self-monitored fitness regime to maintain their weight as well[...]

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