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Relaxation Techniques

All aspects of human experience can provide relaxation techniques. The petty, trivial annoyances common to our lives can be ignored, and we can gain a relaxed, renewed experience either by helping others, or by immersing ourselves in music or through exercise which is a great reliever. Some get intensely involved and others seek solitude. The above measures helps in connecting one to oneself and to others.


Fibromyalgia is caused widely by abnormal sleep pattern. In FM syndrome, deficiency of serotonin in the brain is believed to be playing a significant role.

Serotonin puts an end to both experiencing pain and non-REM sleep. Tricyclic anti-depressants used to set right sleep disorder were not very beneficial.
Besides hormonal contributions, the disruption of the neuroendocrine axis may represent a link between muscle pain and disturbed sleep. The unstable early night sleep of Fibromyalgia patients proves that nighttime hormone (e.g.- growth hormone) disturbance is a causative factor for Fibromyalgia. Sleep deprivation caused hormonal imbalance, fatigue and muscle pain that is identical with Fibromyalgia. It is clear that proper sleep is very essential for health and wellness and lack of sleep contributes heavily towards FM.

Alternate Therapies

Over the first 6 months almost all FM sufferers followed at least one complementary treatment strategy. Usage of ordinary and normal medical fixed rules produced poor clinical results. So a lot of interest was created in a complete wholesome therapy.


Fibromyalgia can be rehabilitated by approach of treatment, not only at the tissue level, but the person as a whole. Along with this, contingencies and environmental stressors should be treated with a good program that is holistic in nature and treats the tissues. The ultimate goal of all treatment programs is promotion of both emotional and physical flexibility, balance and wellness. And thereby, finally the functional lifestyles get restored.

Submitted on January 16, 2014