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Fissures Healing Diet

April 19, 2011
The term fissure in medicine usually refers to what is known as an anal fissure. This is a tear in the skin around the anal canal. An anal fissure can be detected by bloody stools or blood on the toilet paper when wiping the anal mouth.

An anal fissure is usually caused by stretching of the anal skin surface to breaking point. This may be due to a difficult bowel movement or when passing an extremely large piece of feces.

It is for this reason that anal fissures usually occur at the opening of the anus and not higher up in the anal tract, because of the pressure that is exerted on the narrow anal opening.

Fissures may also appear in women who give birth by the natural method. This is because while pushing, the mother may tighten and loosen the anal muscles too much causing the tear to take place.

This happens when at the moment when there is significant pressure as the child is being born.

Remember that some fissures can become chronic if the tear goes deep enough and will not heal by simply being careful and having a proper diet. In such a case, visit your doctor for help.

The best diet that one should follow if one is suffering from anal fissures is one that is high in fiber.

Fiber in the diet is required to help the food pass through the various canals in the body during digestion. Right from the esophagus, through the intestines to the anus, food that is high fiber will assist in its easy passage.

A high fiber diet is defined as food that contains more than 5 grams of pure fiber per serving.

High fiber foods are usually all natural. Grains that have high fiber content include whole grain breads, bran, oats and barley. Popcorn and brown rice are also good for fiber. You can also consume fruits such as orange, apples with the skin intact, various berries, and some dried fruits.

What one can clearly note from the above is that all the food mentioned here is natural. If you change your diet to a more organic based diet, you should recover from the fissure easily. You can also strictly avoid foods that are fatty or eating excessively. These might cause a painful motion. Also strictly avoid extremely chili foods as this will also cause considerable discomfort when passing motion.
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