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What Is The Hay Diet?

(September 19, 2011)

The Hay diet is a fad diet of sorts that does not allow proteins and carbohydrates in the same meal. It is named after the doctor who created this diet, Dr William Howard Hay. He formulated this diet to lose weight rapidly in order to save himself from complications of being overweight and a dilated heart. In the Hay diet, you cannot combine acidic fruits with sweet foods. For instance any fruit from the citrus family cannot be combined with sweet food.

Sub acidic fruits like apples can be eaten with acidic fruits. Proteins cannot be combined with fat or starches but can be eaten with low-starch food. Carbohydrate cannot be eaten with fruits and proteins but can be eaten with low and non-starchy vegetables. You are allowed only good fats like olive oil and nut butters and these can only be combined with non-starchy vegetables and carbohydrates but no proteins.
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How many calories are there in hay diet?

The Hay diet does not count calories. Hence, the calories in a Hay diet or in Hay food are inconsequential. The Hay diet is based on separating food into three groups: acidic, alkaline and neutral. The main principle followed in this diet is not combining starches and proteins at the same meal. When high proteins and high starches are combined during the same meal, it is found that the extra acid does not allow a continuous alkaline starch reduction and too little acid to allow proper protein digestion.

The protein diet does not specify any calories, but if you are following the diet, you need to eat three meals per day. The first meal should comprise of alkaline foods, the second meal should comprise of protein foods along with vegetables, fruits and salads, and the third meal should comprise of starchy foods combined with sweet fruit, vegetables and salads. Make sure that there is a gap of about 4 to 4 and 1/2 hours between the meals. By following the Hay diet, you can reverse certain degenerative and chronic conditions such as arthritis, indigestion and constipation. Asthma and allergy sufferers can also benefit by following the Hay diet. The Hay diet helps you to lose weight and indirectly reduces any health risks that are connected to obesity such as gallstones, coronary heart disease, and diabetes.

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What are the rules for hay diet?

The Hay diet or the food combining diet comprises of five simple basic rules. These are as follows:
  • You are not supposed to eat carbohydrates with acid fruits and proteins during the same meal.
  • The main part of your diet should consist of fruits, salads, and vegetables.  
  • You must eat fat, starches, and proteins in very small quantities.
  • Include only unprocessed starches and whole grain as part of your daily diet. Exclude processed and refined foods such as margarine, white flour, and white sugar from your meals.
If you plan eating meals of different types, make sure you keep an interval of about four to five hours between such meals.

Following these basic rules of the Hay diet helps reverse degenerative and chronic conditions such as indigestion, constipation, and arthritis. It is also beneficial for allergy and asthma sufferers. The Hay diet can help stimulate weight loss naturally and reduce any health risks associated with obesity such as gallstones, diabetes, and coronary heart disease.

Along with the dietary changes recommended in the Hay diet, you are also advised exercise, fresh air, and lifestyle changes. Although you may not be suffering from any chronic or acute disease and may not need to lose weight, you can still lead a good life by following the Hay diet.
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Hay Diet Food Chart

Because of the fact that most medical ailments that we suffer from are almost directly linked to the kind of food we consume, it is important to make sure that the kind of diet we follow is a healthy one. In a time when most of us are too busy to prepare healthy nutritious meals and instead tend to rely heavily on the convenience of fast food, it is important to understand how this impacts our body, While there is no doubting that fast food tastes excellent, it never contains any of the nutrients, vitamins and carbohydrates that the body requires in order to perform optimally. Most of these foods are crammed with empty calories that serve no purpose other than being converted into fat cells as soon as they are digested. While there is another set of people that make sure that they eat healthy and nutritious food, they ignore the principles of foods in combination and how that can impact your body, The Hay diet, named after the scientist who developed the program, is primarily drawn up to combat this problem. The hay diet is known to help chronic and degenerative conditions such as constipation, arthritis and indigestion by making sure that you do not consume foods in combinations that could prove to be problematic to your body. The Hay diet food chart comprises 5 basic rules. The first rule is to make sure that you do not eat carbohydrates along with proteins and acidic fruits in the same meal. The second stipulation is to make sure that salads, vegetables and fruits make up the main part of your diet. The third rule is to ensure that any consumption of starches, proteins and fats is restricted to relatively small quantities while the fourth rule is to make sure that you make sure that any starch consumption is limited only to whole grain and unprocessed varieties. The final rule is to ensure that you maintain an interval of at least four and a half hours between every meal.

There are a number of hay diet menus as well as other information on the Hay diet that can be found through a number of sources such as the internet or even the health and fitness section at your local bookstore.

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