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Total 20 questions posted in Sep-2007
Diet recommended for heart attack: My father has jus suffered a heartattack twice in 5 days. he underwent angioplasty for one blockage and still has one vien blokced.the attact was due to thicking of blood due to his smokin.wut diet can be given to him? (27 Sep 2007)
Weight loss and gall bladder surgery: I have been having trouble losing weight i found out that i might need to get gall bladder remove will i gain or lose weight if i get this surgery (26 Sep 2007)
Allowed diet for gallstone: Food allowed for patient with gallstone (25 Sep 2007)
Vegitables for constipation and anemia: What vegetables you recomend for a patient with constipation and anemia (24 Sep 2007)
Food suppliment for weight gain: hi im jen i would like to ask which food should i include in my diet so that i could gain weight? is there any food supplements you could advice to me that would help me in gaining weight? thanks a lot! (20 Sep 2007)
Treatment for diarrhoea: What is the treatment of diarrhoea (20 Sep 2007)
Diet chart for Heart Patient : my father has been bypass operation of heart on dated 5 sep 2007.he is also a diabetics & i also inform you he is also hiperitus B positive.his age is 57 year old & his weight is 87 kg. kindly requeted to you please send t (16 Sep 2007)
Diet for Hypoglacimia and weight loss: I am trying to loose bit of weight from my tummy.I am trying to reduce my sugar intake but my problem is that I am Hypoglycemic.Can you pelase let me know what I can do. Will greatly appreciate Thanks Nirzari (16 Sep 2007)
Diet advice: hi i am gaurav my height is 5'10 inches i am weighing 90kgs kindly advice (14 Sep 2007)
Effect of acidic diet on Ulcer: Is Acidic diet effects the ulcer? (14 Sep 2007)
Remedy for weight gain: Hi! I am 24 yrs old girl and my height is 5.1 and weight is only 38 kgs. Kindly advise me on weight gain. . I really want to gain weight ASAP. (14 Sep 2007)
Cancer in human: How do carcinogens cause cancers in humans, how do they get inside people to start causing a cancer. (13 Sep 2007)
Food for gall bladder: What is the best diet for a person who has gall bladder stones as removal of gall bladder has been recommended ( 7 Sep 2007)
Question on weight gain: My hight is 6 ft and my weight is only 52 Kg. i want to gain weight. how? (10 Sep 2007)
Cures for Genital Warts: How do you cure genital Warts? ( 9 Sep 2007)
What to eat for Gout: Kidny beans or any other beans or pulses can be taken by a gout patient? ( 7 Sep 2007)
Diet for Alcoholism: What foods specifically are good for treatment of alcoholism ( 5 Sep 2007)
Age to take protein shakes: What age should you be to start taking protein shakes ( 4 Sep 2007)
Question on balanced weight: Is it normal that i am not loosing nor increasing my weight even though I am eating too much and sometimes very tired from work? ( 2 Sep 2007)