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Total 38 questions posted in Dec-2007
Diet to improve skin complexion: What vegetables should a person eat to improve skin complexion? (27 Dec 2007)
Diet tips to cure uric acid: What type of food contains uric acid. (30 Dec 2007)
Short fast diet for stubborn constipation: Please describe what is short fast for four or five days stand for? Is this mean not eating at all or eating less. Actually I have a long standing and stubborn constipation. Kindly advise? (29 Dec 2007)
How long malaria virus stays in the blood: I had affected sever malaria and was on medication for 15 days. Blood test still shows it is present. How long will it present in the blood? (24 Dec 2007)
Quit chewing of tobacco: I am serious chewer of tobacco, but my resolution for this year is to quit from this habit and to no longer eat all this stuff, please will u let is there any medicine to quit from this bad habit. (30 Dec 2007)
Hair fall natural cures: What are the possible home treatments for hair loss? (30 Dec 2007)
Balanced diet advice: What is an ideal diet for an infant, an adult and an old man? Should an athlete eat any special kind of food? Why? (27 Dec 2007)
Weight gain tips: My height is 6 feet and weight is 58 kg please suggest the diet for increase weight up to 65-70 kg (28 Dec 2007)
Foods for good eyesight and hair: I take a glass of soup made of spinach, carrot and tomato in breakfast. Is it good for eyes and hairs? (27 Dec 2007)
Diet and a work out plan advice: What is a way that I can eat and burn fat more so that I see it? I exercise and run as a moderate amount. Please tell me a diet and a work out plan. I like to run just for an open variety of suggestions. (26 Dec 2007)
Heartburn and peptic ulcers diet: Please what is the value of Onions, Garlic, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Cabbage, lime, melon in the treatment of heartburn and Peptic ulcers? (25 Dec 2007)
Diet for peptic ulcer patient: Is consuming apple, cucumber, cabbage, tomatoes, milk, mayonnaise dangerous or beneficial as part of a diet for peptic ulcer patient. (25 Dec 2007)
Advice on increasing height: Hi! I am 22 n having the height of 169 cms.I just wanted to ask is there any possibility for me to increase my height at this age and what should I do in order to do that? ( 2 Dec 2007)
Advice on bladder surgery: what are the harms and after effects of removing gall bladder and what kind of diet should be taken after that ( 2 Dec 2007)
Advice for gall bladder stone: Is it necessary to get operated if somebody has gall bladder stone or the stone can be removed through some medication and which medication should be prefered? ( 2 Dec 2007)
Weight gain remedies: i m 24 years and my weight is 46,married.i need to put on weight.i got tifight last year after that i loose my weight .will u plz help me out how i can put on weight as i look very thin.thanks. ( 6 Dec 2007)
Weight loss diet: How to reduce belly and hip (10 Dec 2007)
Diet plan for T.B.: in the t.b infection.should we avoid rices\,flour.flesh. (10 Dec 2007)
Dry skin diet: I am 16yrs old girl. my prob is that during winter my skin gets too dry. so what kind of meal should i take? ( 7 Dec 2007)
GM diet advice: As I am Hindu I can not consume beef.So what is the GM vegetarian diet plan or program for weight loss. can I consume goat or lamb flesh and can i have wonder soup for all 7 days of diet? (14 Dec 2007)
Psoriasis remedies: i am suffering from psoriasis for the last 7years and i want to know daily home diet chart and other tips to cure psoriasis please send a mail to yhis id thank you (15 Dec 2007)
Hepatitis health advice: During the teatment of viral hepatities how to control fever & Nausea (15 Dec 2007)
Skin complexion advice: what to do get back my original complexion of my face? (16 Dec 2007)
Advice on wheat grass: how can i make wheat grass powder at home? (16 Dec 2007)
Child diet: what would be the ideal healthy diet for 3 year old kid who is so fussy about foods? (18 Dec 2007)
Information on 1200 calorie diet: Thanks for the answer. could you pls. send 1200 calorie chart . so that i can follow that chart. thanking you (20 Dec 2007)
Diet for TB: cab TB patients eat Non-veg food? If no why ? If yes why? (19 Dec 2007)
Psoriasis treatment: can wheat grass cure psoriasis? what treatment is better for this disease? (23 Dec 2007)
Tummy reduction exercise: i am a mother of a yr old baby. i have managed to loose most of my pregnancy weight but the fat n the tummy just refuses to go. i cannot go for walk or gym as the baby is small. what can i do to loose this tummy fat? (20 Dec 2007)
Weight loss diet plan: what are the food items, which i should avoid or add to my diet if i wish to loose my body weight? (19 Dec 2007)
Hip reduction exercise: i want to reduce my butt fat, thighs...!! I'm not in proportion!! (18 Dec 2007)
Question on weight loss: I am 32 age,female, I want reduce 10 kg. I am now 72kg. (16 Dec 2007)
Weight reducing diet: my height is 5'3. My weight is 78 kg. Could you pls. advice me how can i reduce my weight ? (17 Dec 2007)
Perfect diet plan: what generally a person should not eat other than oily item? (16 Dec 2007)
Advice on balance diet: why is it imporatant to have a balanced and nutritous die???? ( 8 Dec 2007)
Hi, I am suffering from chronic Sinusities.I lost the intest in life due to this 24 hours my nose is running I cant breath,Cant even walk always feel heavy body and got big dark cricles arround eye plz help me in this (11 Dec 2007)
Diet plan for menopause: just wanted a diet for menopausal indian women (10 Dec 2007)