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In soccer game which diet should take ease. nd me diet plan shedual (22 Nov 2011)
Pregnancy Diet: Is it OK to stay at home and take rest in 9th month of pregnancy? What should be the diet for pregnancy (13 Mar 2009)
Tuberculosis Diet: Sir, What diet has to be taken for TB Patient,in Nonveg, Fruits,Vegetables ,please advice ( 3 Jan 2008)
Diet, exercise, warm water for stomach reduction: How to reduce stomach fat? ( 6 Apr 2008)
Daily food chart: Menu plan for adults for full day. (29 Jan 2008)
Diet for hair loss: How can i protect hair loss by foods?? tel me the foods that used to protect hair loss. ( 6 Nov 2007)
Diet tips to cure uric acid: What type of food contains uric acid. (30 Dec 2007)
Diet for Uric Acid Patient: I am a uric acid patient i.e my uric acid level keeps fluctuating. i wanted to know what kind of food should i eat to keep it at a normal level all the time. (31 Aug 2007)
In a week, how many times we can non veg? (24 Nov 2011)
My mother is having diabetes and Rheumatiod arthritis for past four years. Please suggest a diet plan with time and menu. (25 Nov 2011)
What food I can take for memory development (27 Nov 2011)
What agent in coffee causes the harmful side effects? ( 5 Dec 2011)
a diet for a sports man ( 5 Dec 2011)
Hi I am a female. 26 yrs old.Height 5.2" and weight 50 kg. Could you please advice me for daily healthy diet? Most of the time I feel very low energy. (24 Nov 2011)
I am 22 yr , 4 ft 11 inch and 52kg. I am working in a software company & 9hrs per day i need to sit in front of laptop.Fat have been accumulated mostly on the portion of my thighs, hips and tummy area of my body. ( 6 Dec 2011)
what are all the foods needed to improve iron and vitamins? ( 7 Dec 2011)
How many months one should avoid alcohol during jaundice? ( 3 Jul 2011)
Is Curd Good For Heart Disease? ( 9 Aug 2011)
What are the symptoms of stomach cancer and what are the diseases in our internal organs? ( 2 Jul 2011)
Can we have mango during jaundice? ( 1 Jul 2011)
which one is better margarine or butter? (15 Apr 2011)
I'm having milk allergy, Is it healthy to have dark chocolate instead? (15 Apr 2011)
What are the calorie requirements for an eight year old kid? (15 Apr 2011)
Is it fine to feed honey to infants? (15 Apr 2011)
What is the daily limit for sugar intake? (15 Apr 2011)
What are the vegetarian sources of the omega 3 fatty acids? (14 Apr 2011)
My bones are weak what should I eat to get calcium for my bones (14 Apr 2011)
Is there any obesity virus? What should one do to stay away from obesity virus? (14 Apr 2011)
Its spring time again, what should I do to avoid spring diseases? (14 Apr 2011)
Drinking tea is good for the health of heart? (14 Apr 2011)
Does positive thinking helps in treatment of cancer a lot? (14 Apr 2011)
Is it true that milk is a sadative? Can it make you depressed? (14 Apr 2011)
Is it true that blood pressure patient should not eat food with salt? (14 Apr 2011)
What is the treatment for hair loss? ( 3 Mar 2011)
How Many Calories In Quinoa? (22 Feb 2011)
How Many Calories In Pumpkin Seeds? (22 Feb 2011)
What Causes Bipolar Disorder? (18 Feb 2011)
What is cholesterol? (18 Feb 2011)
What Is a Canker Sore? ( 7 Feb 2011)
What Is The Hay Diet? ( 7 Feb 2011)
How To Reduce Cholesterol? ( 7 Feb 2011)
How to make white chocolate? (27 Jan 2011)
What Not To Eat To Lose Weight? (11 Jan 2011)
How To Tell If You're Overweight? (11 Jan 2011)
What Vitamins Are Good For Hair? ( 4 Jan 2011)
Junk Food Diet: Any reviews opinions on Junk Food Diet. Studying this for some time, please revert with any help? (25 Jun 2008)
Banana Common Cold: Is it true that, if you eat banana in the night you can have cold? (23 Jun 2010)
Adolescent Diet Plan (20 Dec 2010)
When To Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins? (20 Dec 2010)
Do Vitamins Expire? (20 Dec 2010)
Can Vitamin A Help Acne? (13 Dec 2010)
What Vitamin Is Good For Energy? (13 Dec 2010)
What Vitamins Should Women Take? (13 Dec 2010)
What Vitamins Are Good For Acne? (13 Dec 2010)
When To Take Vitamins? (13 Dec 2010)
Can Vitamins Make You Gain Weight? (13 Dec 2010)
How many calories per day should one lose through exercise? ( 7 Jul 2008)
I have dandruff and hair loss how can I prevent it? ( 7 Dec 2010)
I have a Hepatitis B can you tell me what I should eat everyday please, thanks. ( 7 Dec 2010)
What are the causes for premature grey hair? ( 7 Dec 2010)
What diet is useful for people suffering from hemorrhoids? ( 7 Dec 2010)
Are there any home remedies for controlling leukemia? ( 7 Dec 2010)
what should a heart patient have if he has gone through a by-pass surgery in his daily diet from morning till night? ( 2 Jul 2008)
Can I have some more details about liver cleansing? ( 6 Dec 2010)
I am 25 yrs male and suffering from hair loss at a very young age kindly advice me how I could recover my hair? ( 6 Dec 2010)
I am going through menopause and keep gaining weight. please suggest me ideal menopause diet ! ( 6 Dec 2010)
Hi, I am 21 years old male and want reduce my weight, I weigh 78 kilos and my height is 178 cms, please suggest me a strict diet plan following which I might be able to reduce my weight, Most of the fat is present in the lower back and hip region? ( 6 Dec 2010)
How can hair be nourished? (26 Nov 2010)
Increase Height: Now I am 19 years old.I have 165cm height,Can I increase my height more?If yes,In which ways? ( 9 Aug 2007)
Fruits are the poorest sources of calcium: Which are the fruits to overcome Calcium deficiency for Knees? ( 6 Apr 2008)
Lactose Intolerance Diet: Is it possible to consume dairy foods even if I am sensitive to milk? (27 Jul 2010)
Food Storage Tips: What is the importance of safe food storage practices? (27 Jul 2010)
Lactose Intolerant Infants: What are the alternatives for lactose intolerance infants? (27 Jul 2010)
Toddler Eating Problems: How do I overcome toddler eating disorders naturally? (26 Jul 2010)
Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet Plan: What is the best diet for rheumatoid arthritis? (26 Jul 2010)
Dehydration in Kids: If a child has mild dehydration what foods should be given? (26 Jul 2010)
Great Summer Drinks: Which fruit juices should we have in summer? (26 Jul 2010)
Raw Foods Diet: Is the raw foods diet healthy? (26 Jul 2010)
Raw Eggs Good or Bad: Is it ok to eat raw eggs for breakfast? (26 Jul 2010)
Foods for Menstrual Cramps: Are there any foods that help to prevent menstrual cramps? (25 Jul 2010)
Cool Summer Foods: I am having a summer party and I need some tips on some cool foods to serve. (25 Jul 2010)
Carrot Juice Nutrition: How healthy is carrot juice? Can it provide me enough calcium? (22 Jul 2010)
Vitamins Good or Bad: How good are vitamin supplements? Are they very beneficial for my health? (22 Jul 2010)
Food and Exercise: Is it true that you should avoid doing vigorous physical work after lunch? (22 Jul 2010)
Freezing Prawns: I have defrosted prawns, can I refreeze them? (22 Jul 2010)
Freezing Fresh Meat: Is it fine if I freeze fresh meat? (22 Jul 2010)
Exercises for Obesity: How much can exercising help in getting rid of obesity? (19 Jul 2010)
Lose Weight Laughing: I'm a member of Laughter club, will it help me in weight loss also? (19 Jul 2010)
Safe Exercises for Pregnancy: I'm 4 months pregnant, till what month of my pregnancy I can go to gym? (19 Jul 2010)
Heartburn and Insomnia: I 'm suffering from acidity and insomnia too. Are they both interlinked? (18 Jul 2010)
Healthy Breakfast Options: I need healthy but easy-to-prepare breakfast options as I leave very early for work? (16 Jul 2010)
Healthy Ways to Cook Fish: What is the best way to prepare fish so that it does not lose its health benefits? (16 Jul 2010)
Best Broccoli Recipes: My husband hates broccoli and now my daughter is refusing to eat it too. Is there a way to disguise the taste? (16 Jul 2010)
Vegetables Kids Love: How can I make my 5 year old son eat his vegetables? (16 Jul 2010)
Mediterranean Diet Pyramid: What are the foods that form an important part of the Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid? (16 Jul 2010)
Fish Health Benefits: How many time can a person eat seafood in a week, and what are its nutritional benefits? (16 Jul 2010)
Diet for UTI: Is yogurt good for a women experiencing UTI? What are the other dietary sources that can help in overcoming this condition? (16 Jul 2010)
Yogurt Health Benefits: Why is non fat yogurt beneficial over fatty yogurt? How to prepare it? (15 Jul 2010)
Vegetables and Kids: How can I make vegetables look and taste interesting to my 5 year old kid? (15 Jul 2010)
Crash Diet Plans: Do crash diets really work? If not then what are some of the best ways to avoid piling up calories? (15 Jul 2010)
Body Mass Index Calculators:What is body mass index? And how do I find out what my ideal body mass index should be? (15 Jul 2010)
Increase Breast Milk Production: Are there any foods that could help in increasing breast milk naturally? (15 Jul 2010)
Increase Your Energy Levels: Is there a diet for increasing energy levels? (15 Jul 2010)
Storing Breast Milk: How to store breast milk? Is it safe for the baby? (15 Jul 2010)
Breast Feeding Basics: Could you suggest some Breast Feeding Basics that will benefit my baby? (15 Jul 2010)
Picky Eating Children: How can I help my child Picky Eating Phases (15 Jul 2010)
Toddler Healthy Foods: How can I make Meals and Foods Toddler-Friendly? (14 Jul 2010)
Quick Weight Loss Tips: Are there any exercises that are meant specifically for overweight and obese people? (14 Jul 2010)
Easy Home Made Recipes: I am a single father and I need to know a few dishes that are easy to prepare? (14 Jul 2010)
First Solid Foods for Infants: What are the best first solid foods for infants? (13 Jul 2010)
Antibiotic Medication Effects: My father was on antibiotics for more than a week and he is now very thin. What dishes are good for him? ( 8 Jul 2010)
Fresh Fruit Juices: Are there any healthy summer soft drinks that I can make for my child? ( 8 Jul 2010)
Hives Home Remedies: Can eating a high-protein diet give you hives? ( 8 Jul 2010)
Natural Relief Hot Flashes: Which foods are helpful for hot flashes during menopause? ( 8 Jul 2010)
Acai Berries Health Benefits: Are acai berries really “miracle berries”? ( 7 Jul 2010)
Muscle Mass Supplements: I am trying to increase my muscle mass. Can you suggest any good natural homemade drinks? ( 7 Jul 2010)
Cooking Red Meat: Which is the best method of cooking red meat? ( 7 Jul 2010)
Low Cholesterol Sweets: How can I make low-cholesterol goodies for my husband who loves sweets but has cholesterol problems? ( 7 Jul 2010)
High Blood Pressure Swimming: I’m suffering from Hypertension but I enjoy swimming. Can I swim daily? (23 Jun 2010)
Obesity Genes: Is there an obesity exercise which can help teens overcome "obesity genes"? (23 Jun 2010)
Treatment of Allergies: How can a parent keep Kids with Allergies as Safe as Possible ( 9 Jun 2010)
Weight Gain Solutions: I want to gain weight, what foods should I eat to gain weight fast? ( 9 Jun 2010)
Importance of Sleep: Is it true that you should sleep for 8 hours daily? ( 9 Jun 2010)
Good Eating Habits: What are the benefits of maintaining meal timings? ( 9 Jun 2010)
Healthy Chocolates: How can you use chocolate to add flavor to your foods and drink ( 9 Jun 2010)
Healthy Shakes: How to use different methods to make healthy shakes ( 9 Jun 2010)
Genetically Modified Food Facts: How helpful are genetically modified foods? ( 1 Jun 2010)
Jalapeno Facts: Is Jalapeno fruit or vegetable. What are its health benefits ( 1 Jun 2010)
Cake Decorating Tips: How to decorate your yummy cake? ( 1 Jun 2010)
Leftover Food Safety: How to use leftover ingredients to make healthy foods? ( 1 Jun 2010)
Skin Care Health: How can diet be used for enhancing skin beauty? ( 1 Jun 2010)
Skim Milk Nutrition Facts: Is it OK to give my 3-year-old daughter skimmed milk instead of full-fat milk? ( 1 Jun 2010)
Cooking Meat: Is overcooked or burnt meat considered carcinogenic? ( 1 Jun 2010)
Tracking Food Intake: How to track your diet on day to day basis? (31 May 2010)
Nutritional Value of Foods: How do I find the nutrition details of meals prepared at home by me? (31 May 2010)
Glycemic Diet Foods: Where Can I Find a Low Glycemic Foods List? (31 May 2010)
Gaining Weight Nutrition: Should weight gainers take higher amount of amino acids in their diet. How can it help? (31 May 2010)
Overcoming Compulsive Overeating: How to treat compulsive overeating disorder in kids and teenagers? Tips for healthy teenage diet (26 May 2010)
Simple Cooking Tips: How can onion garlic paste simplify your cooking? How to use ready made paste in food preparation and how much? (26 May 2010)
Bodybuilding Protein Intake: Should the protein intake be before or after workouts and exercises? Does it make any difference? (26 May 2010)
Ways to Burn Calories: How Many Calories Does 1 Pound of Muscle Burn? What should be my diet if i want to burn one pound of muscle daily (26 May 2010)
Lean Protein Foods: Can you throw some light on best lean protein foods for diet plan? (26 May 2010)
Fight Sugar Cravings: How Can I Tame My Intense Sugar Cravings? (26 May 2010)
Benefits of L Glutamine: What is L-glutamine diet. What foods can i supplement it for (26 May 2010)
Healthy Workout Tips: Should I Eat Before or After Exercising? Why (26 May 2010)
Microwave Safety: Are there any precautions to be taken care of while using microwave for cooking? (26 May 2010)
Nutritional Benefits of Tofu: Can I eat tofu without cooking it? Or I must cook tofu before eating it? (25 May 2010)
Importance of Fluids: Can I have tea instead of water for my daily intake of fluid? (25 May 2010)
Rice Food Poisoning Prevention: Reheating rice may cause food poisoning? How true it is? (25 May 2010)
Protein Requirements Adults: What is the average protein need of an adult? (25 May 2010)
Benefits Of Rye: What are the benefits of consuming rye? (14 May 2010)
Fruit and Vegetable Juice: Is it possible to get all my daily fruit and veg portions from juice? (14 May 2010)
Healthy Breakfast Tips: How to Make a Wonderful Omelet Breakfast with Egg Whites (14 May 2010)
After Dinner Snacks: Is there any harm in eating fruits after dinner? That is how it has been practiced for years. Should they be included before meals at night? Why? (13 May 2010)
Benefits of Papaya Fruit: What are the health benefits of papaya? Does it cause any harm if taken at night? (13 May 2010)
Benefit of Green Tea: Can we mix green tea and our normal tea for better morning drink? (13 May 2010)
Healthy Living Information: Should cardiac patients stop consuming oily food items altogether? (12 May 2010)
Caffeine and Health: Is it true that having tea or coffee in night can disturb your sleep? (12 May 2010)
Cleansing and Detoxification: Which fruits are recommended for detoxification? (12 May 2010)
Nutritional Value of Egg: Egg should be considered vegetarian or non-vegetarian? (12 May 2010)
Homemade Biscuit Recipes: How to Make Home Made Biscuits From Scratch? (12 May 2010)
Diets for Cancer: Does changing your diet help in fighting cancer? (11 May 2010)
Information on Multiple Sclerosis: Is it true that optic neuritis is an early sign of multiple sclerosis? (11 May 2010)
Nutritional Value of Yogurt: Having yogurt / curd in night can cause cold? (11 May 2010)
Natural Cures for Migraines: Why migraine patients are adviced to avoid cheese (11 May 2010)
Diet for Fibromyalgia: My father has fibromyalgia? Can you suggest me some healthy diets for him? (11 May 2010)
Fermented Foods Health: How are fermented foods beneficial for health? (11 May 2010)
Information on Fish Oil: Do canned fish considered oily, such as tuna and salmon? (11 May 2010)
Eating Fish During Pregnancy: Are there some types of fish that pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid? (10 May 2010)
Memory Improving Techniques: I need some memory enhancing dietary tips (10 May 2010)
Lactose Intolerance Remedies: Which milk products are healthy and can be consumed by people with lactose allergy? (10 May 2010)
Health Benefits of Yogurt: What is yogurt diet? How can it be made a part of regular routine food intake? (10 May 2010)
Food for Healthy Teeth: What foods should be given to grand parents with weak teeth and gums? (10 May 2010)
Fruits Nutritional Facts: Is mixed fruit juice better than any single fruit juice. Which fruits can be used to make better juices for breakfast. Are packaged juices recommended to be used on regular basis? (10 May 2010)
Health Benefits of Fruit: Which healthy fruits should be taken after dinner? (10 May 2010)
Tomatoes and Lycopene: Is tomato sauce healthy? Is it ok to include a lot of tomato sauce in daily diet or is there a limit to be followed? (10 May 2010)
Healthy Vegetable Recipe: How to make a veg frankie from the leftover foods? ( 9 May 2010)
Information on Coconuts: How can you include coconut in your regular diet? ( 7 May 2010)
Bed Wetting Problem: My son is 10 years old, still has the problem of bed wetting. Is there any diet which can help. Please suggest (19 Mar 2009)
Sonoma Diet Substitute: Can you suggest some other diet apart from sonoma diet for weight reduction. What foods can be taken in a planned manner to have healthy diet plan for own self keeping weight loss in mind? (19 Mar 2009)
Cabbage Diet: Cabbage soup diet is recommended as healthy weight reduction diet. Is that true? Can you suggest other soup diets or other healthy ingredients which work for reducing weight (19 Mar 2009)
Diet For Chickenpox: My neighbour got chicken pox and now is weak and unable to eat or drink. Please suggest some healthy diet to get freedom from chicken pox? (19 Mar 2009)
Teenage Acne: Please suggest some healthy diet for teenage acne and pimples. I got pimples on my face and no cosmetic or creams is helping me. Hope good diet does? (19 Mar 2009)
Gingivitis Treatment: Please suggest a healthy diet for treatment of gingivitis. What food can be taken when suffering from the ailment of bleeding gums (18 Mar 2009)
Body Building Fruits: Can you please give some examples of body building foods. How do I lose stomach fat via intake of fruits? (16 Mar 2009)
Fistula Diet And Treatment: I am suffering from fistula in ano (high) since last two years. Recently I underwent surgery. What followup diet should I take for proper healing? (16 Mar 2009)
Alcohol And Jaundice: What kind of diet regime is to be followed when one is suffering from alcholic jaundice? (16 Mar 2009)
Diet For Diabetes: Can I eat cheese now that I'm a diabetic? Please suggest healthy diet for diabetes and some cheese supplements (16 Mar 2009)
Diet For Angioplasty: Could I have recipes of certain foods that can be eaten post angioplasty. Please suggest some snack items for in between meals. (16 Mar 2009)
Epilepsy Diet: My friend is suffering from epilepsy. Do recommend some epilepsy diet and foods used to cure epilepsy (16 Mar 2009)
Bed Sores Treatment: Is there any specific diet for treating bed sores? Please specify food and measures for bed sore treatment (16 Mar 2009)
Vitiligo Diet And Treatment: Do let me know the causes and treatment for vitiligo? (15 Mar 2009)
Home Remedies For Gonorrhea: My grandfather is diagnosed with gonorrhea. Please let me know how serious is the diseases and what can be the home remedies and diet for the same? (15 Mar 2009)
Vomit While Traveling: I cannot travel much by busses. When I do, I suffer from vomiting and nausea sensation. Should I consume lemonade while traveling? Explain how lemonade will be effective for curbing nausea sensation? Suggest some diet remedies (15 Mar 2009)
Thyroid Treatment: How can thyroid be treated with diet and exercises? (13 Mar 2009)
Diet Tips For Bowel: Can you suggest a few diet tips for easy bowel movements? (13 Mar 2009)
Diet Tips For Constipation: Can you suggest some diet tips for freedom from constipation? (13 Mar 2009)
Diet After Kidney Removal: My uncle had to get one of his kidney removed. What should be the diet for him as he is not able to digest everything. Please suggest some foods and dietary tips (13 Mar 2009)
Care After Heart Attack: Heart attack can recur as per my knowledge. What should be the diet for the patients who have survived after first heart attack. What care should be taken for them? (13 Mar 2009)
Diet For Cold: My baby is suffering from cold ? Can you suggest some natural measures for treating cough and cold in children (13 Mar 2009)